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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    With my calculations we wont be able go to 40th race on this event within 4 weeks you say @Juji and this event is not complete yet i am having almost 10k 16th coins how about to put an option so we can spend them into roses/dragon pots since we get dices from there too will be hard and incomplete get 40th race in 3 weeks now since one is over

    And after 3 days what i am gonna do no worth using it i guess

    I dont care much if they can close it for week for months i prefer a job to be done than half job done i think everyone would prefer that way

    Yeah blame us for ncsoft faults.. thats what you do in game too you got nothing else to do than trash talk to others but i wont fall to your level mate yeah you are right about bresses but "I Dont Care" simple you think 1 day per week this game will be saved from maintenance i have seen bugs and bugs that they still havent fixed if they want to upload an online game they must fix it first 2 hours per week wont fix a thing

    @Sesh2 you are most hated in server so like i said i got plenty bress fast casting speed i dont wanna lose my spot to some others cuz of ncsoft fault and i repeat i dont care for bresses they got no price anymore,Guess some people dont know time is money or xp even...

    I dont care much for bress just my acm passes they are real money bress are nothing i have more than 400 its different real money from game money hope you understand but if they keep selling fake products no worth to keep paying them besides its more safe and cheaper buy adenas than ncoins nowdays

    Also there is another way why i am using bress simple some people are walking around and try to steal spot if they see you dead i have dropped 2 cakes too but i ve spend 2 acm passes for that mistake was time ago maybe week ago or so

    why i am brezzing good question cuz i am using dreadnaught and i lose agro after death and i want to be fast also got much bres in my warehouse from old zaken/freya mini bosses

    Its not my internet trust me no disconnects just simple long way lag and run speedtest was perfectly fine

    Hmmm i will make it short aight?,Your are company that works with money right?, We are the costumers we pay to get items/gears/ but its still free right? so since we pay you (talking for few people and me ) today i have lost 3 passes acm and many bresses ressing my char,Whats my point here you are company asking money we are the costumers we came in to buy items but we dont pay for this lag so close server fix it or simlpe i have read the rules you can have awesome fun in jail guys selling fake products? Get serious close server and fix it i dont care how many days will take just go ahead and do it,Also for the rest who pay ncoins or i dont care what they doing its none of my busness stop thinking of yourselfs, lets stop pay ncoins for a month lets see how much its gonna hurt them,Cuz i am tired i want my acm passes back or i wont stop uploading this,So simple fix or get fixed i have already locate where are you guys
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    Its just mentee system that brings all this lag and queue relax take it easy
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    Just to let you know if they increase chances they will get more money than they could imagine everyone is thirsty for these cloaks am i wrong? besides getting it +5 at least is really good to help newbies more will come over to play if you are about to fix this lag
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    Wrong quarantine is on easy to get 105 some people are changing mains, but like a fellow guy @TEXAS said chances have changed from 2 years ago maybe more i had 40 luck and i was getting easy +5-6 elmore cloak now cant even pass +2 and whats my plan to get +4-5 just for patk i dont need it +7 i never join parties only solo lifer
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    Whatever they do will be the same its 1st april guys
  15. QUEQUE??!! Without even announcement??

    Rank system is no huge problem only creation of characters