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  1. Spoiler?

    Have a link handy to the update notes for this?
  2. Anchor SB Price on Giran

  3. Anchor SB Price on Giran

    I have 2 Anchor Spellbooks to sell and was wondering what the going price is for them. The first one I used to get Anchor on my Necro took me about 40 hours, during that time I was checking the marketplace and never once saw that SB for sale, seems to be pretty rare, even moreso than some of the other hard to get ones?
  4. Old School Player LFC

    Forgot to put I am playing on Giran server.
  5. Old School Player LFC

    Been on hiatus for 3+ years but did play many thousands of hours starting back at C3. Have played all the classes at some point, this time around I am rolling a Necro + BD + PP. I will need to solo a fair bit due to my lifestyle at home. I work from home and have 3 kids with another one on the way, one of the current ones just coming up on one year. So my online time is not too stable and time I can dedicate to party is not that much. I am online Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm but alot on and off during that time and only 1-2 hours I can dedicate to party usually. I play on NA and my TZ is GMT -5. What I am looking for: - Laid back, relaxed, but organized with some structure - Mainly English speaking - Somewhat competitive on the server What the clan gains: - Experienced old-school player - Reliable. I will not got MIA or reroll constantly. I am steady and long-term - Helpful. I help out clan as much as I can, this is important to me - Not a mooch. I will not join and ask to be power leveled or for gear / money. I am happy to put in the time and gear myself, though that is pretty slow Edit: I just started today so level 20ish Cheers, R