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  1. pure speculation? Juji already told they would and now just read the new PK system post. Would you?
  2. It has been years of geared players pking exalted f2p players just for fun or to clean area for their alts and now you guys will reset all pks and karmas? Letting them get alway with murder??? We already have a pk quest ingame. Let them waste their time cleaning all the mess and hate they have brought to this game. Reseting Pk and Karma is dumb
  3. So good reading this when i have moved to EU. There the Staff makes forum events regularly, this last month we had 2! Dragon caster stage 1 selling for 130b... All my itens and adena are still banked in Chronos for WHEN or IF the staff decides that not only ncoin players are important.
  4. Galera do brasil que esta tendo problemas pra logar. Por um acaso voces tambem tem internet da CLARO NET?
  5. I am having the same problem! I cant login! Have already tryed all the options aviable on the support Tab and nothing worked, i am loosing first day of attendence check!
  6. Hey, when is cloak event comming back to Live?
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