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  1. you dont need to pay lol dont moan iam not paying and iam playing explain that to me ? maybe its your broadband provider since with me everything is fine and i didint even noticed that isue until i came here lol so dont blame them look arround yourself first
  2. well myself did not encountered this problem was doing usual stuff and when you read comments jesus lol "cant log in for 10 hours i gues i need to find another game" lol nc do not care for you all lol i think they doing their best atm anyway since if you think its not that easy to manage all that info putted into one fookin big room so relax and wait thats why they not here but from their side i mean nc you giving back way to less for people whos on 30 days items angel cat for month if you press once per week lol ? well thats not nice freya nev
  3. hi there nope you dont get 2nd gear only one time you getting free gear you can make another one by being a mentee up to 85 so you take free gear for diplomas (including jewelery and shots) and 1st one you getting just by exing till 85 i think now they give paulina 30 days only iam not sure about those 30 or not days hope that helps
  4. Yes in my own opinion you first need to get max out of nothing that means all sub class must be maxed to take out passive skills then you make dual to at least 95 and always have iss by your side I prefer healer as well if you decide go storm screamer picking mama when you kill fast it’s pain in the arse by simple words forget your domi for some time focus on subs and dual btw what server you are in NAIA? Chronos?
  5. You see the attitude of peeps in here? Lol You was reading about it lol yes they do for some adena I can make even faster they just camp some fast spawning rbs and use exp scrolls or fortune pouches thats how they make 85 fast at the moment for 200kk you can easy be 85 in no time 1k scrolls is more then enough ( but be ready to have at least 50kk for so scrolls nd some time for boring skill learning) and btw you have to make dual you won’t or not nd make him at least 95 to get dual passive skill not sure about other classes but for fighter it’s 27% p.attack
  6. Why domi? I should make him 85 and dualclass proper iss with 5ppl you get extra xp (and the bonus sooo small you can’t even notice) but 2nd window will do the job i would go for feoh on the second window since they are popular tanks as well (but it’s hard with tank, well for some people) how often can you play? One thing to notice solo target pve - don’t go for it unless you like to grind properly thousands of mobs quickly:) One more thing (sorry for editing) IMO opinion domi will rock on the next update like it was rocking back in the days
  7. Where’s the hunt going on?
  8. Seems to be like soul orfen will be better for healer/mage especially if you are storm screamer zaken more for dagger or spoiler but anyway it’s only MPO
  9. shadow...... tauti... They good until lv100 maybe 101 after that bloody seen better inside equip evis than me with shadow fists r95++++++ or any other but no one do same as bloody 12 or more best option stay on shadow save for bloody btw why the heck tauti lol you can’t pvp against pve and again everybody is on crit dmg lol wake up and think again
  10. What’s so valuable inside all 3 that you so scared lol go and play dude omg nobody ban your toons unless you use something illegal or you make macro that good that from side view looks like bot you good to go all in the server have al least 1 box char iss or heal somebody have both and even more.... sos spoilers more buffers etc and why you need 3 ? Heal main and iss? Go on don’t be scared lol
  11. OMG stop that classic rates should be 1 lol it was 14 years ago fix what? If you bum and can’t afford. 15 buck per month then yes it’s p2w for you
  12. Go for spoiler at least you get the adena to dress all you have plain r99 gardens of genesis helfire seeds cementary places worth to visit with spoil
  13. I would go to garden of genesis after all daily q to get back Adenas spent on shots and gather more and all the way silent waley +penny q in Aden till 99 pagans way to strong if you on basics or at least you need 3more windows blazings you loose more then you getting back other then that dont loose the track on daylies plus some farm in gardens (i prefer upper part) ow and almost forgot if you on decent gear seed of helfire decent exp adenas and somethimes weapon armor parts always duo k 95 (there is people that need other for number to enter) why to rush ther
  14. Get bloody +10 ferios with pdef aug lesser crit dmg received decent pdef items and it will become 500k and from there you work the way out to minimise what you get versus what you give
  15. For the all who moans stack as much base stat as possible get the best gear possible in the terms of +++++ then play with % on all you have and then do the maths and you see it’s not bugs p2w or else it’s an Art
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