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  1. hello, use your preferred VPN program Here I used WindScribe. 1) download / login website 2) leave the program running, then you do the Lineage2 update and ready. to download: https://prt.windscribe.com/vpn-for-windows
  2. Hello guys from Brazil, I managed to solve the problem here of updating. (update) someone else with problem ??
  3. wow, I'm still having a problem with the launcher - update. DID SOMEONE RESOLVE claro_net
  4. é so net que ta dando problema, fala serio!
  5. CLARO - NET Servidores DNS IPv4: /
  6. I can't update. an error appears, and then an address: lineage2.patcher.ncsoft.com/LINEAGE2/228/Patch/FileInfoMap_LINEAGE2_228.dat.zip anyone with this problem too?
  7. I was hunting the sword until, I found ...! inside the aden castle. GM is that allowed? Click>>>>>>>> SWORD LOCATION PHOTO sword location photo <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<