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  1. You can't be serious? Yes you invested a large amount of adena, and it makes perfect sense that the ports cost a bit more adena. You have the ability to SOE directly to your clan hall, regen HP and MP at higher rates, and port directly back to your hunting ground. Of course it should cost more than the Gatekeeper. The benefit of the clan hall is to save you from having to run around town to the gatekeeper, and regening slower.
  2. You're wasting your breath. Yes people can, will, and have in the past shared account information for the purpose of financial gain. This will never go away. Ncwest would need to ban all accounts that are logged in to different IP addresses. But let's be real, this game has always had some sort of account sharing. Friends lending accounts, players selling accounts, etc. Moreover, as someone mentioned above, people travel for work and can easily log into one account from three different IP addresses in one day. Should they get banned? Stop wasting your time here.
  3. Depends on your gear really. But 20-30 - Abandonned Camp 30-35 Partisans 35-40 Ants Nest 40+ Alligator Island
  4. Yes your skills can crit.
  5. Open your recording settings and change to "Current Resolution" from the drop down menu.
  6. It's holidays right now. They are likely on vacation and are operating with minimal support staff. Like most companies, this is how it works at this time of the year.
  7. Ugh what quest are people getting these scrolls from?
  8. OL did get a change probably around Kamael update like you said where they were able to buff parties. I believe it was when "combined" buffs were released. Paagrio's Condition, etc. OL got empower, BTB/BTS I believe too.
  9. Yes, I assumed that he is a illegal server player. Am I generalizing? Probably. Do I think I'm still correct. Yes. I would say that 95% of the people complaining about rates, drops, online gms, bots, etc have NEVER played NCWest Classic or Live. I am enjoying myself. Are you trying to question my enjoyment of the game?
  10. Ok bai. I am enjoying myself so far, so are a many other people. Seems the only people complaining are the illegal server folks like yourself.
  11. 1) You're rude. 2) They literally give you FREE GEAR. Something no one ever got back in the day. This gear you can sell to the store for approx 20k I believe. So, like I said, send me your gear. Thank you. Good day.
  12. I wonder if anyone actually realizes that they cannot just come up with a solution overnight. They have to consider the effects on the game as a whole. They will not just randomly choose a percentage by which to increase adena drop rates. It needs to be looked a carefully. Besides, the adena drop rate is perfectly fine as it is. People complained back in the Chronicle expansions, and it seems they still complain? If you're quitting, send Dude your gear.
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