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  1. Almost a year later I realized what causes my Savage Revelation Skill to NOT work properly sometimes! It happens when I watch or enter the Olympiad !! (Of course a Restart fixes the problem)
  2. He is in GIRAN and ADEN and RUNE, at the same time, all the time!
  3. Well, what can I say... The skills works fine today (level 2), after the maintenance!!
  4. I have the Savage Revelation Skill upgraded for quite a while now and it worked fine. (Through the Ability Points, that we get every time we earn a level) Without the upgrade, when the skill is applied it raises Attack and lowers Defence. When you upgrade, the Defence is not lowered anymore (and Accuracy is increased) Today I noticed that despite the upgrade (Berserker's Eagle) doesn't work anymore, because the Defence lowers again!! Of course I checked that this is NOT a typo, by looking at my P.def before and after the skill is applied!! I have images below:
  5. 120 minutes is 2 hours and don't login one char at the time, so it is max 2 hours total for ALL 3. Anyway, the exact same thing happened again about an hour ago, so this is it for me. I am leaving. I wish everyone happy gaming!
  6. I hear many people and producers of the game, saying that the disconnects are usually the fault of our ISPs. In a 450-500 queue, in order to login to the game (3 chars), i have to wait between 90-120 minutes. During that time I have NEVER been disconnected. NOT once! After loging my chars and start playing, during that same period of time (90-120 mins), it is almost certain that i will get disconnected. It has happened too many times. It is not a coincidence! So, I started login 2 char in one PC and 1 char in another (a laptop) and guess what... NOT all 3 chat get
  7. Any other way, besides crafting? Does anyone know? A member of the staff maybe... -- There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
  8. Anyone know about the Blessing Scrolls for armor/weapon, then?
  9. So, when is this new currency the L2 COIN going to start dropping? And also, how are we going to get Blessing Scrolls for armor/weapons? Franco in Talking Island does not sell them anymore. (and even if he did, there are no Daily Coins now.) -tnx-
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