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  1. Yes my friend. I understand. Well, I still can't create cons since I created this topic on the forum. I tried with other browsers, other emails, on other computers and I emphasize again, I even asked my friends who live in other cities to try too. Problem not yet solved. Will they be able to solve?
  2. Server Disconnections - 5.21.2020

    Until when are you going to embarrass yourself?
  3. Server Disconnections - 5.21.2020

    Tell us something new
  4. Hello everyone. I have been trying for a few weeks to create an account. But I have not agreed. I asked some colleagues from different states to also create and they are not succeeding. I tried to create the account on AION, Guild Wars, Blade & Soul and nothing successful. Talking to a friend who works in the IT area, he informed me that the "internal request is wrong" and that it is incredible how a company like NCSOFT has this error. Or that they are blocking accounts from BRAZIL. Anyway, how much neglect I see this company with Brazilian players and in general. Could they hire better staff? Do you need more pay to pay a salary for more qualified employees? What is happening?
  5. English: Much of the player population is Brazilian, but never has Brazilian support to answer our Tickets and questions. I know that the English language is worldwide, but there could be consideration for Brazilian customers and hire at least one member who speaks Portuguese to answer our questions. The consistency of some responses in the English language makes us take some understanding. I am speaking for myself, because if I had a company where I had many clients in another language, I would hire a professional to work on the same vocabulary.
  6. The item I wanted most from the Attendance Check event was Freya`s Bloody Rune. With exactly 1 day left to catch it all these bugs happened. Anyway I ended up getting the last reward after the update. And now? Will I be without Freya's Bloody Rune? That is very unfair.
  7. I'm disconnecting from Lineage 2 NA. A great disregard comes from those responsible. Sometimes I miss some mistakes. But this time how many BUGs did we have in a single update? I don't want to waste my time and money on a game full of mistakes. Even more with a team that demonstrates not to care. Bye.
  8. Olá pessoal O Clã Lords convida todos os jogadores BR's que queiram buffs passivos e status de Clã Lv 7. Não somos um Clã "ativo" em fazer PvE/PvP em PT's , más se você é um jogador como nós, e gostaria de continuar jogando solo e ter benefícios de Clã (XP+ / Status+), podem enviar PM ou E-mail para os personagens: Jigen ; LordSusanoo ; Evellen ; L4IZ ou P4MELLY. LIDER ON 24H CLAN LV. 7 Lembrando que quem entrar no Clã e quiser sair futuramente, não tem problema algum. Este Clã foi criado afim de ajudar jogadores BR's, Novatos e Dual Box sem compromisso. Membros que não baterem semanalmente no minimo 1.000 pontos de FAME por ciclo, serão classificados como inativos e teremos que abrir à vaga para outro membro. SEJAM BEM VINDOS !
  9. Every day, I'm surprised by the Bugs. The Err0r player managed to make the boss Queen Ant with class Tryy Titan 99+, Summoner 85+, Iss 99+ without even wanting to take Petrify in the zone. How is this possible? Everything now has a way of doing? I hope Staff does something about it. LINK: http://pt-br.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=eqw275&s=9#.W5yUW1VKjIU Cada dia que passa fico surpreso com os Bugs. O jogador Err0r conseguiu fazer o boss Queen Ant com classe Tryy Titan 99+, Summoner 85+, Iss 99+ sem nem se quer tomar Petrify na zona. Como isso é possivel? Tudo agora tem um jeitinho de fazer? Espero que a Staff faça algo a respeito. LINK: http://pt-br.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=eqw275&s=9#.W5yUW1VKjIU