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  1. @Hime so you've reduced adena rates to next to nothing in IoS, made some mobs 2x dmg and 2x toughness that werent in the notes and provide no compensation for the horrible state the serves have been in? Way to go. Can bet EVERYONE is canceling prestige subscriptions from this point.. definitely lost all of mine.
  2. And the fact that we can't farm mobs because our tank gets 1 shot after ninja buffs, when before update our healer could easily keep up with dmg they dealt.
  3. Yeah let's have an area only top gear people can farm drop 1.5kk adena per mob so the gap continues to grow and prices continue to rise. Thus making adena drops in the places the majority can go even less meaningful.
  4. This! Since update I am unable to farm areas such as plunderous plains and tanor canyon that previously my tank healer iss yul party could handle without issue... What's up the these NINJAS BUFFED MOBS?!
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