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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    I think the problem is that you need many alternative characters to farm in order to play the game. How about do some changes to that? By restricting for some days the character creations you don't solve the problem. Also there are tons of lag and disconnections. Playing a 16 years old game in lower details is pathetic. I am a l2 player (i was away from the game for about 9 years come back because of quarantine) since C4 when Lionna, Bartz, Teon etc were online and the game was much better back in the days. Please try to make the right moves if you want the game to excel and attract more new players. I understand that is a pay2win game now but as long as you the difference of a premium user that spends money in NC store with a player who doesn't spend that much remains chaotic, problems like queues, many box chars and afk bot toons will remain or even get worse.
  2. Best dual class for Yul Saggitatarius

    Thank for your advice, but i need to level a support dual class. Iss maybe?
  3. Best dual class for Yul Saggitatarius

    I can also buy the 30 days armor from NC Store if u do another class. I think archer/archer is a not my type. Probably i will go for bishop!
  4. Old Lionna Player

    Hello, where do you guys now play? Chronos or Talking Island? Anyone here from Little Pigs?
  5. Best dual class for Yul Saggitatarius

    Thank you for your comment! When you say iss you mean dancer? What about wynn,tyrr gran khavatari and othell?
  6. Hello, i recently returned to game. I used to play in Lionna and the Bartz until Kamael so i have lost my touch with L2. I made a Yul Saggitarius and i would like to suggest me the best dual class for pvp. As i understand dual class affects main class with some passive skills, so its does not work like subclass. I would like to go for a healer but i think this is not best choice, so i looking forward for your suggestions. I have another quest, subclass still exists as i saw but should i level a subclass or there is no point to do this.