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  1. Tonight you will have chance to win some adena :] https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/7272-giveaway-20b/
  2. dUdot

    Giveaway 20b

    30.10.2018 (Today), 9 PM GMT+3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeQZQwaKsZQ
  3. Unfortunately, p2w events are more important...
  4. ask GMs about DH or ask DH incorrect... loot right is a game feature, but to take and keep looting rights players must to do: 1) Looting rights are given when at least 14 members of a command channel are close to a field of the raid boss. 2) If the members were not attacking the raid boss for a minute after the first time the looting rights are given, the rights are removed. 3) When looting rights are given or removed, players are now notified with a message on the screen (c) Helios patchnotes But atm you can just take loot right on CC of alts, use pr/my
  5. portS? I'd like to say ported. Simple. We entered 20 min before respawn (coz no one wanted to kill it, Lilith/anakim 70% of time are alive) and just killed 2 raids :] But then Juji said that it is bug (~1-2 years ago) and we started to kill mobs/seals after respawn (15 min for me, solo), easy Anyway, it is very useless "bug" coz you cannot do it if there is no free farm :]
  6. Dragons last month: Valakas 23.10 - DH Lindvior 23.10 - DH Antharas 15.10 - MAX Lindvior 10.10 - DH Valakas 10.10 - MAX Antharas 03.10 - MAX Lindvior 29.09 - DH Antharas 21.09 - DH Valakas 19.09 - MAX Lindvior 19.09 - DH About field raids, ask your farmers why I don't even try to go 101-107 at evenings
  7. I said sorry to fademist coz I was thinking that he is box of VND But on 2nd screen drop from char "LordDragon" https://c2n.me/3XyH01q.jpg He PKed chars on dragons, he got killed by exe with 5+ PK
  8. Sorry, never saw you on sieges/oly etc, that's why I was sure that you are just alt. Plus only VNdragon likes to make 4+ PK on main char with gear. Can I post bs now?)
  9. coz in this update only 110lvl makes a difference, but you have to invest few cars in boost and all your time (with full boost(1000%) on 109lvl 1hour of exp ~0,09%). We made our 106-107lvls in 2-3 weeks after update, then we were selling pwlvl Now there is nothing to fight for: dragons - random evening raids - bugged spots/ganks - boring oly - boring(only llll tries to change something every month, rest gave up) siege - maybe last interesting event in this game But it's annoying to read chat during those events: "kakakkakakaka trash, your momma tr
  10. dude, unfortunately, you already have account on Classic servers...
  11. dUdot

    Stream [dUdot]

    Who care :] my channel my rules
  12. dUdot

    Stream [dUdot]

    Feel free to PK me there :] Btw, @Juji @Hime make pls "Fun Creation" section for L2Classic
  13. xigncode is in the exception list. Win10
  14. Yep, I know :] But cannot fix it...
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