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  1. Heroes, September 2018

    ouch, 2018, ppl still hide skillbar, chat and use resample for game vids... Feel free to pm me ingame, I'll remove equip, buff and you will 1 shot me with 1kk+ dmg. Hope it will help you to feel better
  2. Twich/YouTube/etc

  3. F2P with XP boost, feathers, buffs and noblesse in l2store
  4. http://l2on.net/ usually on Skelth +-1k
  5. But only those who played before. New players don't wanna start ONLY because their country in black list. EU/NA people don't like to spend 15-20h/day on grind, look at Skelth
  6. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/217017506-Blocked-Countries Main reason why RMT/RoA won't be here Second reason is l2store....
  7. Heroes, September 2018

    Then how do you use clan/ally chat? Or maybe MAX is full of celebrities?
  8. Heroes, September 2018

    speaking about crp on sieges.... You can win pvp or lose pvp, you can win raid/siege or you can lose... Now with that "score" you can win pvp/raid, but "lose" by crp... I miss good old times when there was no blue/red messages, no "scores"
  9. Heroes, September 2018

    10:12 PM - DH took Rune back on alt clan from MAX 10:28 PM - MAX took Rune back from DH's alt clan Nothing special... GF all, gonna watch eXEQ7er's stream replay
  10. Heroes, September 2018

    1. I made this topic just for history. As I said 1 month ago, I'll make topics about hero just to start some conversation here, even if DH will have 0 heroes 2. It's okay to leave clan for exp in MAX clan, but shame to do same in DH okay
  11. Heroes, September 2018

    Sigel Phoenix Knght - Dimedrol Sigel Hell Knight - Przeklinak Sigel Eva's Templar - AllArroundMe Sigel Shillien Templar - IRagnarok Tyrr Duelist - HooL1GaN Tyrr Dreadnought - BobOrc Tyrr Titan - Xtec Tyrr Grand Khavatari - Frasato Tyrr Maestro - Pazienza Tyrr Doombringer - Ozzy Othell Adventurer - Ghoul Othell Wind Rider - EpicSoul Othell Ghost Hunter - Grandpa Othell Fortune Seeker - LordSpoyl Tul Sagittarius - Maxximilian Yul Moonlight Sentinel - Legolita Yul Ghost Sentinel - f2pr Yul Trickster - eXEQ7er Feoh Archmage - lPeppinio Feoh Soultaker - HTCcz Feoh Mystic Muse - Semilanseata Feoh Storm Screamer - Graf Feoh Soul Hound - xXBaraXx Iss Hierophant - Thruee Iss Sword Muse - Shamiel Iss Spectral Dancer - Sindela Iss Dominator - dUdot Iss Doomcryer - Oblivion Wynn Arcana Lord - iForever Wynn Elemental Master - Grumpy Wynn Spectral Master - iiDeatHLovE Aeore Cardinal - Franzella Aeore Eva's Saint - 6yyyy Aeore Shillien Saint - Alyssa169 Eviscerator - OverDPS Sayha's Seer - Zinilwa _______________________________________ DragonHunters - 21 MAX - 9 Legends - 2 GenericCrew - 1 Randoms - 3
  12. New event FAIL!!

    Yes, angel's jewels My ppl killed Orfen 3 times. 100% droprate.
  13. Fallen Angel's Ring

    but there is a 20% chance of LUC so, minimum ppl have 20%
  14. New event FAIL!!

    base droprate in instances is 50%. 100% with only prestige pack Orfen earring 100%
  15. New event FAIL!!

    + we just got new update, new instances, new epics. In 1 week all jewels are in store... NCwest failed update in 1 click :]