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  1. They're back!

    Whole my CP costs like peppi's toon there is nothing shameful about dying from such players unlike playing with scammers in cp
  2. eXEQTOR banned (no troll!) ...

    And now you will spam "dUdot sells slasher for realmoney!!" That's how your logic works, right?)
  3. eXEQTOR banned (no troll!) ...

    as I told to all "buyers": "I prefer ingame items, better buy ingame stuff for your money and trade with me"
  4. eXEQTOR banned (no troll!) ...

    double standards
  5. eXe's PoV https://www.twitch.tv/videos/282313798
  6. the Failure of Max

  7. eXEQTOR banned (no troll!) ...

    (c) member of MAX
  8. eXEQTOR banned (no troll!) ...

    eXe bought buster fragment with 50 claws from your old CL/Officier(KD), he got all mats by himself. Then he decided to trade this weapon for something... This weapons wasnt DH's, why DH should get something from eXe's weapon? Also, if you have some proofs about this buster and RMT, feel free to post them here. Very interesting... dude, if you like this server so much, if you like people, lets buy as many as you can NCoins, play all events and sell all stuff you got for 1 adena to all NO-DH people About dislike DH-core. You don't know us, you didn't play with us. All your knowledge is based on the words/rumors of other people
  9. eXEQTOR banned (no troll!) ...

    Don't worry, eXEq will continue streaming on twitch. YT blocked him because of original music of L2 and few streams in a row with the same name and pic (last streams from gainak) Sad that we lost his old videos(SH vs DH etc) I have only following vids:
  10. the Failure of Max

    Well, sad that I sold all DH's claws to HTH
  11. Friendship [Lineage II movie]

    We don't fraps gainak. Check exe's channel, he streams every gainak
  12. the Failure of Max

    I was offlne yesterday QQ