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  1. @Neutron It is ban chat(how it looks now). Socket, try to pm to keno10, you will see in system chat that keno10's chat is blocked. The questin is... why? Many people have same problem time to time. Impossible to solve this probles w/o support team
  2. Happy New Year! I have a counterquestion. What can you change except price in l2store? We know, you cannot change this game, I see few requests above like "add more locs for 105+", "add 105 kartia", "add skills after 106" etc, but we know that you cannot make it. My 50 cents about Salvation and L2018 at all: I like new changes in raid bosses: barrier, random spawn(but tell me pls why new raids in Wasteland, SoS and FoD have fixed spawntime..) I like new ISSes and tanks (except few skill bugs) I like new clan system. I don't like our entering rules on grand bosses. I vote for changing system. Why we need cc? ~15ppl can log 49 chars 95+ with few pve toons. "Click war" is not pvp. Can you make system like we had in c6/gracia? And drop to pt or cc with more dmg/pvp winners. I don't like our olympiad because of your ninja patches. For example topaz = damage... Now we have 3x topazes(jewel, kelbim and cloaks) and -1 HP restore(bb red tali - life force). Ofc I don't like our l2store. On EU/RU servers there is perma event with taro cards. And you can make +10 shiny shirt/jewels for brooch without real money. If you cannot change this, pls add more events(ingame, not pay2win) with 5lvl jewels, OE shirt packs, some cloaks in rewards like we had before One more thing about DD classes. We have one useless pvp-DD class - Tyrr. Only DN and Bers are not bad because of stuns. Tyrr's damage strongly depends on p.attack, for many years you have added items with static p.def(diamond,7s,abundance), but no items with static p.atk(thats why only tyrrs with dragon weapon do something in pvp). You cannot reduce static atk/def by debuffs(for ppl who didn't know it. Its like base stats). I have no idea how you/ncsoft will fix it, but soon we will get Saya's talismans(another item with tons of static defence)
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