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  1. I'm ok with that as well. They can even earn a bunch of money off of it.
  2. @Juji @Hime Please merge the servers, the time has officially come. With the changes coming with this upcoming update the economy will be beyond repair in TI & Giran (other two are already way past dead)unless their are more condensed players. If merges happen I know people I play with will return to the game. Even just for the sake of NC earning more money you must merge the servers. Thanks you for your time. SinnS- PS: If you support this please tag @Juji @Hime and state so.
  3. Why on earth would you think selling something on a different site means you don't have to tax it? Ok lets have all our payments sent to Russian so its taxed there then moved back to the USA where its taxed again. Kick ass tax free scheme you pondered up there. NCwest is not selling adena on Russian third party sites, thats just stupid. All they have to do is sell desirable items that can be traded in the NCshop which they currently dont do. They would make money hand over foot and do nothing illegal.
  4. A spoiler in DVC or in Pats is cashhhhhhhhh baby cashhhhhhhhhhh.
  5. Yeah, this is most likely a windows issue rather than an l2.exe issue.
  6. There are many yes. Fate is one of them.
  7. Thank you! Looking forward to the deets.
  8. I've done the Aden quest every day, once my main was to high I made an alt to do it. I've never gotten a weapon box. But boy or boy do I have a lot of assassins potions. LOL But the C jewels and Armor enchants I get from time to time are nice.
  9. I thought I overheard a clan member watching someone on twitch attempting to do 3rd class change and could not.
  10. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Goblin_Tomb_Raider_Leader based on the comments in there its a known issue.
  11. Enlighten us about which reward from the event is p2w.
  12. https://l2.laby.fr/status/ Servers are down. There is maintenance every Wednesday.
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