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  1. Cool bro maybe you got a lucky d weapon from the event or RMT some adena, or have someone funding your toon, but every single piece of C grade I got on my archer was from farming adena on low level characters. I was farming in solo/duo and small groups with my buffer and archer in party - and even with PL and +4 akat I would lose money everytime I went out to hunt really regardless of where I would go. EV was probably the best since they fixed the rates but that is not a meant to be a solo spot I shouldn't be restricted to soloing group mobs to sustain myself. Once in awhile you get a lucky keymat you can sell to make money for soulshots - But I had to farm on low toons to support my Archer who is now in the mid 50's collecting dust. And lets not even joke about using no SS on an archer because that is just laughable.
  2. No one who plays an Archer will be able to sustain their-selves past 40. NCWest response: "Working as intended"
  3. any Inner Conflict playing?

    We are here sweetheart (2 months later)
  4. You can msg me here or find me ingame on SavageBunny if you would like to reach out that way
  5. We originated on retail Kain server. We have played privates since. We are mostly a small crew but are looking to grow some. We are mature players but we focus heavy on PVP so we grief and do some trash talk to stir the pot. We have one open war (thank you vigilance). Open to recruiting most any class - we have two level 3 clans with xp bonuses. Requirements 1) Discord 2) English 3) 40+ 4) no squeekers 5) Rage is allowed on occasion 6) Medium/High activity players only. We want people who are logging in roughly at least 5 days a week give or take.
  6. I'm sure you have seen the huge decline in your player base already due to rates. I don't remember the last time there was even a queue on TI. I cannot believe how long it is taking you guys to fix something so simple. The game is literally unplayable for some classes and It is impossible for some players to progress at all. It's been like this for 2 months now. The excuse of "free to play" vs "subscription" is not valid in this case. It's not like you can buy a rune to magically make your adena drops scale to a rate where you can actually make money hunting mobs. And the price you have soulshots at from the shop is outrageous to begin with. I shouldnt have to pay over 5$ every hour or so just to go out and level. I shouldn't have to level numerous characters to 40 just to support my 5X Archer. Huge waste of time, and money. The longer you wait the more people are going to quit which means less $$$$ for you. The business model of these lineage 2 servers that you have designed is making farmers $$$$, while you progressively lose $$$$ revenue. Here's what you need to do 1) Increase the damn adena rates in the solo areas which are completely screwed up. I should NOT for ANY reason no matter where I am hunting get more adena from a level 20-30 mob than i would from a level 50 mob. Its insane, and makes absolutely no sense. 2) Make your soulshots affordable, and add c shots to your shop. Lets do the math. At the current rate, what is it? 80 coins for 1000 D soulshots? So what is that. 5 bucks for 5,000 soulshots? Do yo know how long 5k soulshots last in this game?? Not very long depending on your class, maybe a few hours at the most? So lets say I'm ready to grind it out for 8 hours. I would have to pay $20 every time I want to do that? Like seriously guys wake up. The longer this server is open, the more of these garbage posts I see delaying rate fixes. I'm getting a continuous vibe of "money grab". Give us a good reason to play here over illegal servers. Just ONE good reason please. Or i will take my money and time elsewhere like the rest of the community already has. Which the more time goes on, it seams like that's what you want people to do with your blatant disregard of these issues ingame. You already got 3 VIP 4 accounts out of me. So i'm sure you can care less about what I have to say at this point. You got your moneys worth from me. Sad thing is I would have benefited more from giving adena farmers my money, but I like to earn my keep ingame. However you are making that impossible for 90% of the players out there. So lets do the math here real fast. VIP 4 = $50 right? I sustained that for the month, and am still VIP 4 for all my accounts. Cool so that's another 15-20 bucks each for 3 accounts. (at least because i am over 4000 vip points) So lets just round out the numbers and say I have given you $200 even though its been a little more because of being forced to buy your outrageously overpriced soulshots for NCoin. Adena sellers in town say 1kk =20$. We can call this public information since literally every player who has ever logged in has gotten these adena seller spams clouding up their chat in town. Okay, so if I spent $ on adena - which I have never done in my long history of playing this game. I could get 10kk from these illegal adena farmers in minutes for my $200 that I paid you. Thats enough to gear a 40+ character fairly well. It also would save me hours and hours and hours of gametime that I have had to put in on many 1-40 characters to farm adena JUST to support my Archer. So my question to you is, why the hell should I give you my money anymore? It doesn't benefit me to get increased XP/SP increased since I am forced to stay in a low level range because rates are so completely bleeped And lets talk about that too for a second. How hard is it to ban people spamming in town? I mean seriously. Make a character and stand in town for 20 seconds every day, and start banning adena sellers who are SPAMMING general chat and private messages. Clear them out once a day. Start banning IP's of these adena sellers and spammers. You are literally actively doing nothing but banning actual players for little-to-no reason and creating excuses for why the adena rates you have set are the way they are. When there are 24/7 bots out there all in the form of solo mages running around the entire map farming adena for your playerbase to buy because you created a server with unsustainable rates. You lost a huge player base last week when you did not increase these broken rates. You are going to lose even more this week for not having fixed them again. I will join the rest of these people if rates are not fixed next week. Because as I have stated above, there is literally NO good reason for me to play this game or to level my character that cannot even sustain itsself. @Hime
  7. Fix 40+ solo areas or watch your servers fall apart. Good game bros
  8. There are tons of areas that have jacked up xp. Windy HIll Outside of Dion Immortal Plateau southern region Eastern Mining Zone All of these please mobs are giving 10% of the xp they should
  9. Change PK System!

    First of all - I think PK characters should have a chance to drop instead of destruct. Okay, so with that being said. You guys saying that this is carebear or not "pvp friendly", are completely wrong. I will still PK your ass. The risk is no different for me. I can drop my gear to my enemies or my shit can be destroyed into thin air, it makes no difference to me. Still the same consequences for someone PKing. I can tell you that this will not stop people from pking, there will be plenty of PKing going on for spots still. All the same options apply for clearing karma. You can trade your shit off, die and res. Or you can work it off in the field. The same exact risks are applied.
  10. no fatal counter for PR? No crit damage from STR?
  11. Kain

    Damn I don't remember being on first name bases. I don't remember a lot from 15 years ago though
  12. Kain

    IC 4 life