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  1. i xp in windy hill and 8 out of 10 are bots. from single player bots to 4-5 parties. its very nice. i feel like an idiot. the only solution is to log out bots or flag them for pvp when they get the report debuff but they wont do it because legit playerbase dont deserve it. its better as it is according to NCSoft
  2. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Akat_Longbow https://l2wiki.com/classic/Crystallized_Ice_Bow for me akat
  3. action house has nothing to do with classic. korea has 3.0 patch i think and they dont have auction house. here we have 1.5. even if they add auction house in a later patch here will come in 2+ years
  4. in certain situations (towns, mass pvp, raid boss etc etc) use ALT+P and you will not have graphic lag
  5. how 4 is possible? most common for a person is to have one bank account. for example how are we going to buy vip on a buffer, open new bank account? this is not making sense. or maybe i misunderstood what you wrote
  6. this should have been the lineage 2 remastered for pc... not mobile
  7. bot report button will continue to add this stupid debuff instead of log out or flag for pvp the character that is botting?
  8. When bot debuff is being applied, flag bot for pvp or log it out. its the only way that people can deal with bots as others suggested in various threads. They can't ban all bots or even control them, its impossible. There are 100000000 threads about the same issue. You should have known better before open a new one for the same thing
  9. logout whoever don't enter captcha or flag him for pvp so we can go hunting...
  10. y because servers are full of bots. we use the bot report button and it adds a debuff to bots instead of logging them out
  11. almost everyone leveling support heal their mobs and they will run out of mp and start to run. mobs will kill them in most cases if bot dont restart. if you have stun then bot is dead 100% i just hoped server to have drop items on death from mobs. all bots would be naked
  12. we are not suppose to have all skills. Skelth is also like that. most people dont have all skills or even update full the ones they already have. its normal
  13. lol this thing is already covered in 1000 threads if you read them you will see better ideas there. the problem is that no matter how good is the idea Koreans must implement it and this probably not gonna happen.
  14. if they implemented flag when they got bot debuff it would be so awesome!!! there will be a killing spree. lots and lots of people will go on bot hunt! hahaha it would be a new kind of fun!
  15. @Juji @Hime any answer on this thread?
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