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  1. Me and a lot of my in game friends were waiting all week long for these changes. The buff will certainly fix the difficulties concerning the stronger mobs we found after the update, but i think that u miss the point again. Most of us were complaining mostly for the new structure of the game. For example the adena farming areas were gone. Why you did not bring plunderous back? This was a balanced way to make some adenas with prestige pack without abusing the pack. You have to realise that the game can not be played by only top tier spenders. For people like me and me friends that we s
  2. Hello everyone in the dev team, I don’t know if you realised what this update did to this game. Everything that you wrote in the patch notes is completely false, except the new augmentation system. The new hunting zones I believe they are bugged, or the game is completely destroyed. Places like fos/fom/fow were full of parties farming, now you can find 15 spots max. I was looking for players yesterday all day long but sadly I realised that even in Aden(naia) 70% of the shops were gone. That tells me that there is a ton of players that quit already. You said that you lowered m
  3. Hello everyone, does anyone have some info concerning the Heine event? some people say that the event will no longer be available, others say that it is coming soon. Did any of the dev team said anything about it? thanks in advance.
  4. Hello guys, do we have any info somewhere regarding the heine event? Some people say that it’s coming soon and others say that devs are deleting the event. Anyone knows?
  5. There is a ton of old players coming back to the game due to the corona virus quarantine and we found totally new things in the game. Can we please have the red Libra event so we can trade gear that we need now? Plus the buffs will help a lot!!
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