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  1. 2 game suggestions

    Vip4 to give 100 % more adena or some drop rune in shop vor 100% or 200%more adena drop.If a mob drops 100 adena with this rune or vip 4 to drop 200 or 300 adena.That way ppl will find it profitable to buy vip4 or anything like rune from shop because no one needs exp atm and ppl are pissed for the adena drop so both sides can be happy. Second thing is make a service or event like in live servers to change professins like if I made a nuker but dedide I want to play archer to not reroll but directly go and change.Also you can think of service for seperate 2 chracters from 1 acc into 2 accounts like you did in past for live servers. Also I want to see some good event cause did not made any profit from d weapon event. Until you make some of the above real I lost interest to buy anything from shop cause soon I will finish movey even for teleports.
  2. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    First I want to thank you for late response!After talking about the matter me and my credit card decided to no spend any dollar anymore.If we decide anything else we may share with you but I doubt!
  3. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    I concratulated them for the decision to make again teleports free and at same time they said they were looking to resolve problem with adena drop.At that time my brain refused to believe the so called resolve problem is we gonna do nothing.Yes I believed them now I see I was wrong so first I stop purchase adena and next step should be stop this game at all!
  4. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    It is amazing how you killthe game over and over trought the years and playing 14 years with some breaks on nc servrs I see you keep making bad decisions and when yuo try fix them is way too late. As a vip4 from beginnig I already regret that i buy black friday runes some days ago because I believed that now you listne to people's voice and actually care. Sorry to say it but very soon Giran and Aden will stop being heavy servers.And you gonna loose lots of money from unhappy customors.You lost me already.
  5. Thank you so much I apreciatet it really.You make me happy!
  6. No new event (i got nothing from previous with 2 accs btw) + low adena drop+ expensive teleports =you make people to buy adena and bann them for that...
  7. My suggestion is to make something like red libra event ot service for classic to make servers better.I am ready to take part in event or pay service like name change to go from sh to se or bd or another support. Here are my reasons why: 1)Giran server is missign a lot of support chars 2)I have a lot of work and less time to play so I can not reroll support and loose 1 more month and my clan mates are gonna be far ahead and we need to make proper parties now. 3)Give people chanse to make wiser choice or of the better of their cp parties or clans. For all the haters who gonna come and say I am mororn and is easy to lvl 1 to 40 for 3 days get out and leave my topic alone.

    Nice that you made event although I am disapointed my ip 4 gave me no drop in game nothing from event I see some ppl got weapons,but back on the question. The mistake nc made and should avoid in future is this kind of event like I have to log my second accound with lvl 20 and this acc be 3 hours online to get reward.Next time do the event when hunt mobs you get something like seeds which y can exchange for pumpking and braking you gives you rewards.That way you avoid the boxes.Atm I am waiting 670ppl quee with both my mainvip4 and my vip2 box to try get d weapon...what a dreamer I am
  9. FS clans ally Sacred Steel Giran

    Recruit 30+ pm in game
  10. The classic comunity wants ingame event!

    I never try them but acording to your logic 2 sec after respown they are dead ok nice event so not everyone can participate can you read again my first post and stop argue just to argue I think moderators should block possibily of haters to post go back hate all pretend you are n1 bb hf ty
  11. The classic comunity wants ingame event!

    raid event is shit nc can make the statistic how many raids are killed I talk about event that everyone can participate not to involve 50 ppl but to be able to do it even solo
  12. Hello ncteam, So for we are happy with the servers I am sure you too cause all 3 are heavy.Players are happy also from game content and from fast nc reaction to drop, spoil, adena and dead %loss fixes. The next logical step to make the server and game experience even more pleasant is to make some ingame event.The event must be not with nc coins and l2 store. I suggest again to make the pumpkin old event.Hunt mobs,obtain seeds ,used the seeds to grow pumpkin,break it with darbuka/maracasa,obtain 4-5 rewards from the pumpkin but good ones like recipies,key mats,basic mats and not healing potions ot other shit!
  13. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    Yes server is free but because the 2 servers are full with almost 6k playrs each those who subscribed are with priority login like if you buy airplane ticket the ones who payedmore are priority and enter first.Yet you can play Aden which is always light.So this is annoying but the beggining the game was payed with 15 USD a month to play and now is free.
  14. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    First of all have you ever heared any company to say sry we failed for anything/?? They could just simply say nothing or don't say try but failed .
  15. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    Very brave to admit you failed something.Finally I see you care and I like it.Despite all the people who gonna troll you this is better than keep calm.Love you Hime.