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  1. Some mobs are bugged, sure, but everybody crying about adena-items drop rate. By the way mobs with lower "bugged" exp has increased adena drop rate, x1.5-x2 compared to 600-700exp mobs of the same level. It clearly shows that it was made intentionally, so you can choose better exp or better drop.
  2. This links shows current adena-drop-exp in current classic patch. At the time of Korean and Russian classic servers launch, adena-drop was the same as we have on NA right now.
  3. Koreans were playing with this rates for 6 month's, Russians were playing with this rates for 6 month's (without shots in l2store), you cant survive even a week. Seems like trading on market, which is one of the most important parts of this game, is too complicated for players spoiled by modern "everybody gets a prize" game design. The brightest idea that you got is to farm spider quest over and over again. P.S. Bye.
  4. So you want them to change current drop rates because they made a mistake with 1.5 announcement? I know that a lot of players love 1.0 survival mode gameplay, however NCsoft should not wait for too long with 1.5-2.0 or rates update. (maybe 1-1.5 month, but definitely not right now)
  5. Nope, exactly the same, maybe even better. (RU classic release was the same) 2:28 - 4a picked up in the chat. 5 players in the party.
  6. Push "Page down" button on a keyboard 3-5 times and zoom it on a max range with mouse wheel. Sometimes it increase camera range a little bit.
  7. You can try japanese classic server with literally the same f2p system, with the same items in l2store, and see that there are dwarfs selling shots in every city, despite the fact that the price for them is pretty low in l2store.
  8. But on 70+ every single meele party want SE, because its +50% dps. So its not so bad, and in last patches in Korea SE got some buffs to be valuable in mage parties as well.
  9. Adrenaline is illegal, if somebody wants to take this risk - good luck.
  10. They were playing 2 years without macroses and 2 years with them. Yeah, they completely do not understand what they got.
  11. My region? I can assure you that I have all legal rights to play here. You better start to make real arguments, instead of screaming "I want legal bot in my game!!!" in this conversation.
  12. Spamming? lul. I can tell you the same - 3-5 guys spamming around the forum and making threads to keep auto-macroses, despite the fact that every single person who was playing on servers with this function completely hates it.
  13. When you make stupid statement you better show us some evidences. Tell us your level on Skelth. Show us some thread on EU classic forums, where people complain about bots.
  14. Allow looping macroses and players who wants to play competetive game will be forced to make trains. But you will have zero options to fight this system because its LEGAL. The only way to compete with them is to make your own trains. EU-RU servers learned this lesson, it looks like NA community does not want to learn on other's mistakes.
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