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  1. does it worth to start l2??

    I can see that too much time playing this game also ruins sarcasm detectors. Haven't checked forum in a while and now I find this, lmfao. Of course there's no way to "farm" adena And about what is "exceptionally rewarding", is just as subjective as beauty.
  2. does it worth to start l2??

    I suggest selling tissues for adena, you'll get rich really fast Is not that bad, man. If you have time, try it yourself and get your own opinion of it. And yes, there are thousands of ways to farm adena.
  3. Penny's adventure guild

    @Scoresa No Those quests apply only for K85 and K90 (solo and group). Maybe with a a dual class.
  4. Nickname story

    As a teenager, I had to use orthodontic braces. I didn't like it, so I was forced to fake a smile. Many other personal reasons fitted the nickname with time. That's why I have this one here and FakeSmile in game.
  5. Penny's adventure guild

    After doing what @Yidao said, in case you're 85+, Penny will give you dailies (3 or 4): Harnak's, Altar, Bloody Swampland and K85 solo, if I remember well. Then, quests will change according to your lvl: Kartia group, Fortuna, Spezion, Nornil's, etc...