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My account was locked for a misunderstanding


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Hello,  my main account was locked last monday for a misunderstanding, the account of my friend's cleric too, maybe for play with me that day

i send a mail to the support but they say that i gonna still be locked beacause i was using something related to 3rd party program,  but i can swear that i never used a external program or somthing to play, if you could review my play data you wont see anything wrong or strange

as an antecedent i can say that last sunday when i loged my accounts, a little window show up saying me that i was using a 3rd party program. then i thouth that had a bug and proced to restart my computer and then i could keeped playing.

Maybe i had a program open like secondary proces and the system recognized me as a cheater, i'm grateful for effort you make to keep low rates of cheaters but this time you wrong please, i need a more analysis.

my character's name: SetSaiL, spellsinger lvl 40

Cleric's name of my friend: Chock

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