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Clear bots in weekends


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Guys pls at weekends  it is impossible to farm. All forgoten temple and cruma is full of bots. It is not hard just get in game twice per day in weekends and kill bots. It is so annoying especially in weekends. Cheaters use 50% to cheat more do smth ffs or maybe u have a reason to let em. I will never buy from ur l2store till u clean the game as far u don't care I will don't support u. [content moderated - do not name-shame on the forums, report bots via Customer service, thank you!]

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13 hours ago, ReportingLegitPlayers said:

then from monday to friday they bot, and last hour of friday they pass the items, and done




seriusly? this wont fix the botters, launch a global captcha to complete, not in the cities but around the game, and that will clean the bots

Bots can do captchas....

It would suck for anyone that gets hit with the captcha during a critical moment...

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