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Camera settings?


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Hey folks,

I'm brand new to the game and very confused by it. Is there a way to get it into some kind of simple chase-cam mode? I spent about half the tutorial navigating entirely by the mini map because the game camera wasn't pointed at anything useful. I eventually discovered I could get the camera to change by hitting a mouse button... but the game isn't particularly playable if I'm having to constantly tap a mouse button to make the screen actually show me something. 


So, I guess, where are the camera settings and what can I make it do?



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There is an auto-follow option, it is annoying to me but if you select Alt+Shift+O > Configure > Tracking (place a check mark in box)

Other controls, while holing down your right mouse button (assuming you have a two button mouse) you are able to pan and tilit the camera view.

If you have a wheel on your mouse, you can roll it to zoom in and out.

Houlding down Right Mouse Button and then hold down the Left mouse button will start running, let go of the Left Mouse Button an you will stop moving.

The "Home" key on the keyboard (again assuming you have a "Home" key) will center the camera to a default "over the shoulder" position of your character. This can also be done by a single Click on the Right Mouse Button.

The "End" key on the keyboard (assuming again) will toggle the current perspective 180 degrees apart. For example, if you are "over the should", pressing the "End" key will turn the camera where you will be seeing the front of your character. This action can also be done when you press down on the mouse wheel like a button.

In reference to the mechanics of movement. I believe all can be achieved with one hand on the mouse, clicking to move and simultaneously changing the cameras perspective. IMHO, they have done a very nice job of that. The only mechanic I would like to see is the ability to jump. :-)

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