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Hi, we are 5 old L2 players looking for a clan and pvp. (Main Lenguage Spanish, alt English)

We operate as a CP, but we can change that depending on the clan.

Our login time is around 20:00 GMT-5.

We have: 

  1. Necro lvl 60, avadon robe, ghoul staff +5 CDL ON (box SE 58, PP58) 
  2. Necro  lvl 56, Avadon robe, demon staff +3 CDL ON (box EE 56)
  3. Bichop lvl 58, divine(bw in process), ghoul staff/life staff/ goat staff
  4. Sws lvl 58, FP (doom in proceess), Samu+3
  5. OL lvl 58, BW/divine, goat staff (box Phantom Sumoner 58)


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