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NCsoft needs to review some class skills.


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Good Morning...

I'll go back and talk about it. When NCsoft transformed a Feoh skill, which absorbs 95% of Feoh's damage, just so he could face archers and othell rogue, it eventually made Feoh extremely advantageous with a class that does not have abilities like Half Kill and / or that the damage is too low, so to burn Feoh's mana. You need to balance that. Another thing, this time to eliminate the skills of cancel, first that there is no passive ability against this, most of the jewelry does not give protection to this, and today we do not use more than 30 buff as it was formerly. For example, the atack speed buff of more than 60%, because it is there including two buff that existed before. Damn, Feoh's already high damage, Iss full buff fight, and when we get this debuff, we always lose the atack speed buff, which makes it a huge drawback to other class.

Another thing I want to discuss is the passive skill that resets or doubles the time of a skill / buff, which uses STR as a reference. Sorry for NCsoft, but when you created this passive skill, I found it interesting, but in fact, it only gives archers advantages, which, by the way, I say with propriety, I own a dual archer, and have no dyes and nothing, and my skills get to reset 4 to 6 times in a row, or duplicate with ease, and my main class is a Sigel Knight, which rarely resists skill and / or doubles time, this is a skill that is tied to STR, Sigel possesses STR low, and Sigel always puts CON Dyes and even if he put everything from STR, it would not reset with ease. In my opinion, each class would have to be based on its characteristic. Since the Sigel is based more on the use of the CON, being of defense, of course that his should be based on the CON and not on the STR, because the Sigel is not Warrior. And I think NCsoft has to review this absurd advantage of the archer in resetting skills so easily, I fought with an archer and his skill to remove target reset 3 times in a row, giving an absurd advantage, even more that archer releases hall kill with tremendous advantage. I even have a suggestion, as Sigel's skill rarely resets, creates something for Sigel based on his features, how about being based on CON, and instead of resets or duplicates, keep resetting and the chance to return 100% the damage taken? After all, he is a sigel knight.

And for God's sake, for more open Olympics arenas, because, honestly, the sands favor class of long-distance attacks. That is fact, that arena that is a monument in the middle, with openings, Feoh and archer love that, because they take advantage of it. And another, check also the fact of always falling in the same arena, I already got to fight 5 times in a row in the same arena that unfortunately of the advantage the class of long distance attack.

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