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Dion Perma Bot Train


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It's been weeks (maybe months) that a bot train of Elf Mages with Unicorns is running in Dion coming from the center of town, going up to the GK and running into the mobs to die and delevel. This is not even hidden. It is right there, in one of the main cities. Actually, Dion is a lowbie city, where new players are getting to know the game better.

This only tells me how the GMs of this game don't care at all about what is going on. Maybe their salary is not enough and NCSOFT offers a bad work environment, I don't know. But it is so simple. Just go there and remove all these accounts every day. It will not be lucrative for them anymore to keep doing this once they see you guys are punishing them. I was GM of a very popular game in Brazil (40k players daily) and I know that this is possible. If you don't know where the bots are, you are not involved with this game enough.

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