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100 Healer LF CP


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100 Healer my gear isnt great and needs a lot of work but im willing to invest to improve it.  Willing to run full xp boosts as well. I also have a 99 Iss Spectral Dancer I can box if needed or make my main  -6gmt cst Im online a minimum of 6hrs a night and fri-sunday im on 24/7 need a good active cp that does dailies and exp grind message me here or IG leave a mail if im not online

TOON NAME: NuvaRing/iRenew


+8dark LA full fe

+4 r99 cutter w/body

+3 R99 shield

Baium soul, aq soul, orfen soul, enhanced istinia wizard

Abund lv1, longing, lilith, stage 6 venir, diamond lv3, pearl lv3, tanz lv3




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