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what does CP in character graph mean how to use?

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grthunter    0

what is the point called cp and how do you use it....on the character graphs it has an area called CP? what is it good for, what do i do with it?  i have no clue


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Nathe    2

CP is combat point. Its kinda of additional reserves for your HP (health point) ONLY in PvP mode. 

for example: if you have 1000 CP and 1000 HP and you fight with mobs, you have only 1000 P before you die. If you fight with other player first you loose 1000 CP then 1000 HP before you die. 

Attention! Some classes can kill you with skipping your CP (it rogue classes mostly, and wynn summoner ) , youre CP will be full but HP wont :P

you can restore CP with special pots, skills, or healer can restore it by using normal healing skills (after 85 lvl) he's first restore your HP then CP


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