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  1. Can't drag in items for enchantment?

    M8. It sounds like you try to enchant item different than scroll grade. Maybe try to look at System dialog and look what it tells you.
  2. Money

    Hello guys, I recently trig to back to game. I know this question sound like common but its not about most needed class or best for PvE or PVP. Im rather calm player, but i wont spend thousands to feel enjoy of playing The question is : What is the cheapest class to play. Ill be glad for all of your ideas and opinions.
  3. cant install the game

    May you should share with us with your problem. L2 is also about community capable to help really nice way. Maybe we can find solution toghether. Fell free to ask for help! regards.
  4. Rare Class

    As always support classes are rarest especially tanks and healers. When you play as one of them you will always find a party. If you meant forgotten class by DD IMO I'll tell spellsinger. regards.
  5. CP is combat point. Its kinda of additional reserves for your HP (health point) ONLY in PvP mode. for example: if you have 1000 CP and 1000 HP and you fight with mobs, you have only 1000 P before you die. If you fight with other player first you loose 1000 CP then 1000 HP before you die. Attention! Some classes can kill you with skipping your CP (it rogue classes mostly, and wynn summoner ) , youre CP will be full but HP wont you can restore CP with special pots, skills, or healer can restore it by using normal healing skills (after 85 lvl) he's first restore your HP then CP
  6. New player

    Please if you could advice me then, which tank is most usefull at this chronicle?
  7. New player

    yup, i guess so, but you know that hlvl tank must earn some xp also on low lvl, i made a tank and noone want to join/acept me in even k85. Any other sugestion? I see rumour about no social here is true. 1 day and just one repsponse for thread. Maybe You dont want new player Naia?hm?
  8. New player

    Guys im new player on this serv. i see that on Naia have biggest online. So heres your challange: Tell me which class is needed the most on serv now. Maybe you need some1 to your clan/cp? Count me in, just let me know what you need. Im w8ing