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Crafting issue after last emergency maintenance


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Just wanted to ask, how do you guys feel with crafting 60% recipes after last emergency maintenance? Before I could craft items with let's say 60% chance (6 out of 10 items succeeded average). After last emergency maintenace I struggle to craft single item. I asked many friends and they also have that problem. 5 minutes ago I clicked 3x avadon circlet and all failed. 3 days ago I burned materials for BW breastplate... 6 in row. My friend burned 4 in row BW helmets, other 3 doom helmets in row. Honestly, it looks like chance changed to 6% from 60%. I used to craft 2 avadon robe sets daily, now I cant even craft single avadon circlet, not speaking about avadon robe... What the hell has happened?

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