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Hi mates. I was looking for trying something new, always played L2 as a Wizard (soultaker my fav) but now I want to go for a Tyrr. Just PvE, can't go to PvP due to low budget. And my question is, wich one should I aim? I'm very interested in a Dreadnought, but I'm listening to your suggestions. Thanks! 

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It certainly relies on what type of characters you like to play ... Even on pve, dreadnought is a herder ... He shines in aoe pve ... But his 1-target pve is low comparably to other tyrrs ... The best in 1-target pve, and good in aoe is Titan .. But, you need sos and blunt for that ... Overall, I play GK as a dual on my main, he is the most fun tyrr to play for me .. So, my preference is Dreadnought if you like aoe, and GK if you like 1-target pve ... 

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