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[Gludio] Clan Saintarch is recruiting 20+ (And others clans)


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Hi Everyone,

 We've opened for first time the doors of our Clan.

 We have Clan Hall in Gludio and we are looking for people that want to have fun without restrictions of class. The only thing we request is that you must be lvl 20+. We have characters in both bands (20-40 /40-60) to help you in your leveling.

 No communications channels are required. Only time to have fun (at least 1 hour).

 Spanish and English languages are welcome. 

 Moreover we are also looking for Clan leaders that would like to merge your clan with ours. The idea is to take advantage of the people connected over the day to improve the connectivities in the server and enjoy it better. If you are a Clan leader and you would like to join me in this idea, send me and email to discuss further the details.

 Email SaintShiryu in game.

 Thanks and have a great weekend.

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