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Game is dead, really sorry to see it for myself

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After years of not playing. Tried to come back and enjoy some grinding.

But what I've seen is utterly ridiculous. Like a bad dream.

Bots - everywhere. Literally 99% of players you see - are bots. Both in town and on the field. Speaking of field - almost every location is littered by patrolling summoners or mages with some type or other character following them. It's like that old movie with the protagonist realizing that everyone is an alien. 

Quest rewards? Yeah the adena you get has been cut probably by 90% from the actual "classic". You eventually realize that either the admins themselves participate in the the adena selling racket or are tacitly accepting it by taking money. I don't see another way of explaining this ridiculous decision to effectively force anyone willing to play past level 20 into spending real money if they wish to proceed.

You can get use to the bots, somewhat. Find another player to kill mobs, or a corner the bots don't get to often. Continue grinding with that utterly useless no-grade weapon. But what I cannot get used to and what ultimately tipped the scales into deciding to uninstall the game - is the silence. Don't get me wrong - there's "activity" in chat. But that's akin to futuristic posters that constantly repeat the same things over and over again. There are dozens of players in any farming spot over level 18+. Not to mention their "trains". But there's NOTHING in the chat. Dead quiet. 

You ask anything in chat, anywhere. What you hear back is nothing, with very very rare exceptions. Oh what you might get in return is bots writing back to you in whisper about buying adena and stuff, obviously the script is triggered by you writing in chat.


It's like a spaceship, this game. The crew is dead but the automated "systems" continue doing their thing. Zombies, zombies everywhere.


So - if you want to just spend a couple of hours reminiscing about the old days by running around and killing some skeletons, go ahead. But don't fool yourself into thinking it can go past that. At least not here.

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you got bots in every MMO that is out there, and not a single developer can handle it. As long as there is real money involved bots will be there. Battle with bots its like battle with drugs irl, cant win it. 

Its annoying in 1-40 locations but after that it gets much better. Furthermore, u dont rly grind on the spots, u go leech rb exp, join a clan, get adena from loot

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