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  1. Is anything else going to be launched instead (except the 150% exp)?
  2. make ma using tokens, and the /targettacticalsign xxx /attack, it is much faster
  3. They are already available (B grade at least are on the Giran server) Also, is Zaken bugged? Yday it respanwed twice, and got killed twice?
  4. There is new thing added, called blessed Soul shot recipe such as this The only thing patch notes mention is blessed soul shots s grade, but doesnt have anything about drop/spoil Could you let us know where to obtain this recipe? For C/B/A grade?
  5. Yes, LF more info about recipe for those tried looking on l2on, but spits out empty results http://l2on.net/en/?c=items&a=item&id=49753
  6. @Hime @Juji Are you going to introduce back the 3 clients limit per PC? It should be brought again asap
  7. Ofc the update is bad for all the adena sellers, because now each casual player, can leech his bosses, and then loop at some spot while afking, and making enough adena to sustain (after they bring back previous adena rates). Before, noone could do that, so most of the server was forced to buy adena. almost 90% of ppl who start, farm until lvl 20, then buy 5-10kk adena, buy cursed maingauche and spend rest of adena on teleports to leech bosses. Get 40lvl, buy 20-30kk adena to gear up in c grade and leech again. Right now, noone needs to do it. U make lvl 20, u go loop, by the time ur
  8. truth is, if u don't like it, just leave. Don't log in and have fun on some other servers. Complaining on forum about things that are not a bug is useless. Developer implemented this changes, so game is more accessible for ageing community. Autofarm is a great feature for a casual player. Noone will change it, so stop complaining. Servers are overcrowded, so I guess if even 30-40% of ppl leave, it will be totally ok
  9. Its a horrible idea, Giran is reaching 6k online, TI 5.5k. Removing the cap means people log more boxes and queues incoming again
  10. Which prices u talk about? I see BOP/Soes price coming down from 70-80kk to 50-60kk. Top C weapons steady at the same price for long time. BW HVY BP can be bought for 19kk, while before the event it was around 35kk? Same depreciation in price for bw robe/light. Life stones dropped by more than 3-4x in price? So where is that 400% inflation dude?
  11. How is getting 73lvl after 6 months an achievment? it took me 10 days to lvl up from 1-64and the only grind i did was 1-20lvl chain quest and started rb from then onwards. I used all the store boosts available, ie rune 50,100% and exp scrolls. In those 7 days, i played around 8 hours a day. Fact here, it would be impossible to do, even with bot running 24/7 by grinding on spots, simply impossible. Exp here is not a real problem, the issue is with adena. On normal classics, you would lvl up by killing raid bosses and then spent 1-2 hours on some spots to get money for shots and ports,
  12. yeah what i mean is up to 40lvl you have quite a lot of them, but as you progress to higher lvls i barely see bots except mby cruma and EV. Keep in mind, probably making a bot to 40lvl takes one day, so its impossible to fight with this
  13. No Merge, but they should enable transfers of accounts between server with small limitations, ie no epics transfer
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