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After 15 years, I thought I suggest something easy to fix and will be helpful:

1. In the Mailbox history for Auction House item sold, can you add PRICE sold in addition to what's being sold?

2. Can we get rid of Inventory restrictions if one is invested already at the highest level or severely reduce the restrictions by lower levels for obtaining Quests and/or changing Dualclass?

3. There is a Macro editing bug in which newer skills such as Wynn Summoner's Greater Servitor Death Whisper and/or Greater Jewel's skills becomes NULL when you're editing other lines of the macro?  Example:  If in the 12 lines of macro, I have Greater Servitor Death Whisper and I make changes somewhere else within the 11 other lines of Macro, that Greater Service Death Whisper gets turn into a NULL after I save it.  Only way to fix it, is when I edit Macro lines elsewhere, I have to remember to also DRAG and DROP that Greater Servitor Death Whisper back on top of it fresh so after saving, it'll stick.  Same with all Greater Jewelry skills, must remember to manually drag and drop while editing other lines of macro so it'll stick and not become a NULL.

4. Can we fix the annoying bug of Slot lock/cancel UI shortcut interface, it's still not working as it should be often times it's LOCKED, things can still get messed up.  We have to everytime, toggle it on/off just to make it to stick.  This is not as important as #1 and #2 but it would be nice this is fixed.  Auto shots seemed to be fixed now, I haven't found shots showing ON and not working.

Don't want to list too many, as this way you can focus on these 3-4.

Thank you!


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