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Pk summoner char is killing  Casual and paying people to leave the games  

They can ride a  76+ summon skill and still can command thier summon to pk people with so far far far range they didn't need to be near anymore 
They didn't have to wear anything   So  no drop - from that pk char and they didn't care about xp cause they do it to thier profit  and -4 for ppl that leveling in open field 

*fix in my opinion 1. pk  Summoner char that reach 10+ pk should cannot attack people that not have karma or flag (this can make them have to build new char or do quest to - pk )
*fix  2. fix the range or summon and user range like this example  if summon is far than 900 range from user can't attack and run back to user 

This is only opinion and hope you considering this because we want to continue playing lineage2 we love  but we can't do anything to a big rmt player that play 24/7 and coming to pk all player that challange him sometimes

hope you can know the problem about this  and consult to make a good solution about this  ** this is a cancer 

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