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Fafurion - Subclass


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Do anyone knows how to:

Added subclass-exclusive quests.

  • Subclass-exclusive quests can only be accepted and completed as a subclass/dual class.

    I Want to Join the Investigators



    Windy Hill

    I went to Tarti but she didnt have any quests for sub -.- 
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The investigators quest is the one used by subs, BUT unless you have extra XP booster packs, you can't do all the investigator assignments in sequence at one go--there's no NPC to raise your level like in Taiti's earlier quests--the quest does mobs in sequence, 50 each, but by the 3rd mob they are RED because you are still at level 40.  I had to go to other hunting zones to raise   my level and then go back to the investigator quest periodically to rise to the next mob.  I did not see any notes in the quest to inform one of this fact. 

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