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3rd class transfer not recognized by Tauti


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I did all the Windy Hill quests, met with Raymond and Kain, and Tauti said I was ready to transfer class. Clicked on the transfer button and got the screen with class descriptions, but the activation button on that screen is a dud.  Nothing appeared to happen, although my personal status screen shows that I have received my third class.  Tauti is not recognizing that I am over 76 and have transferred class  I'm not able to access the 76+ quests.  I have several characters at this level, so I am stymied.   Angel Cat is also a dud; nothing happens when I click on her.  These issues are true for both Chronos and Naia servers. 

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OOPS. My error..I was confusing 2d transfer for 3rd.  In the transfer screen when I clicked on the 3rd class button, the transfer button activated and I was able to transfer and get the next set of quests.  Sorry... this update has transformed so much, it will take a few days to get with the program.

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