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Suggestions for Balancing the Olympics (Using Google Translate)


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Good evening

Lineage 2 is a game that became famous for having one of the best PVP systems of all MMORPGs, we have Olympiads, we have COC, we have Siege and etc, however, as we can see, all this has been lost over the years , we saw the people announcing clan looking for players for siege, pvp, pve and everything, today, we saw clans looking for players only for PVE, that's right, a game with the best PVP system, this is turning a PVE game, I will give an opinions about changes:


1 - Players will fight with players with close scores, because in this way, we see players with 10 points fighting with a strong player and even hero with more than 100 points, has player hero that gets to accumulate up to 600 points, I think the selection should have more variants, players with 100 points for example, and you have two others registered one with 120 and another 40, it will fight with the player with 120 points, or points near, even if it is annoying for some.

2 - We have a command that is given to know how many points we have, but when we take someone's target and type / olympiadstat we also know the person's punctuation, how many fights the person did, and so on, I think that's wrong, for me, this command should only inform the individual score and not the other player, this makes the game more mysterious, because the enemy would never know how many points the other has. And this would avoid clans dominates to make games, because believe if you want, have dominant clans that have many characters and log these chars to make points when they fight with enemy and when they fight with some char hero, which is decided who will be hero sometimes clear , these chars pass score and this occurs, why, the clan knows how many scoring the enemy has, and thus, can make the game get points, this would give more dynamics in the game.

3 - However, if NCsoft maintains the sealing of the fight the way it is, that is, a player who has 700 points is selected to fight with a player who has 40 points, NCsoft modifies how many points this player will have access, if the player with 700 points wins, obviously he will, he will take less points from the player with 40 points, he will get more points, according to the score, who has more, draw less, who has less will continue to draw from acorod with the percentages , I do not even know if I can do this. And limit the maximum point taken to 7.

4 - Ban some items of the Olympics, can not be used, after all, the Olympics makes it clear that the player has to show his fighting ability, not the power of the items he has. For example, the skills of the cloaks can not be used, the stones of the brooches can not be used, the skills of the talismans can not be used, that is, the player will only count on the bonuses given by the armor, jewels, sword and etc. , the basic items that form the char for example, which are items that give more P.defense, resistance, M.defesa, and leave these items only for PVP, Siege and only, nor in the COC can be used.

5 - Having control in the fights, therefore, it is noticed that some players continue to use programs prohibited by NCsoft, just have a GM supervising.

6 - I know that the topic runs away from the topic, NCsoft, the castle siege was another attraction of the game, and this no longer exists, since a clan only in the server, at least in the freya owns all the castles, or makes agreement of let a clan be any owner, in case the clan gives them, the castle dividend, that leaves the other players unmotivated, man, 2 years ago, when the KSK dominated, it was mass to go in sieges, all clans fighting, wanting the castle, today, arrives siege on Sunday, there is no more taste, no one has more will to anything. You need to figure out how to interfere with this, because it hurts even the server, because imagine, which player is going to enter a server, where a clan only owns almost all the castles, who rules rules if you want to have castles, being that he already has his, there can be no monopoly, he must have supervision and ready, because in the same Freya, the ruling clan does not realize that he is killing the server, because no one has access to the castles, the big boss, because they dominate, they do not let another clan evolve, they do not want strong clans competing with them, for they make much more dominating, than dividing everything.

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