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Hello people, I have a doubt about the GK, I have my Pj lvl 99 but I still see that it has no harm or endurance, what should I do? I have R99 +6 full element armor and Amaranthine +4 claws with death/speed death +7wind.. But I still see that I do nothing while others have much damage and go through life destroying everything, some advise me to do to hit harder or something they advise of this Pj.

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I do not own a tyr GK, but a titan

Pcrit damage and attack attribute are a must (you should try to reach 600 or more of attack attribute. i think a lot more in this update). Ruby lvl 3+, opal lvl 3+ are a needed to.

Do not compare to others that have all the medium - high end items (circlet of auth, pve cloak, 15% pcrit damage augument etc...) 

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