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Low drop in Instances


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Hi, before the update I read that the instances would have better drop and that they would be according to the new levels, we decided to test Frintezza, Freya and Spezion and guess that, the drop stinks before the update and after the update. It is not possible that the drop is so miserable because to enter the instance requires a CC and divide the drop into 14 characters is a mockery.
Frintezza drop 1 Angel Neklace - 1 Scroll Enchanted Armor R
Freya drop 1 Pantheon Lv7 - 1 Scroll Enchanted Armor R
Spezion drop 1 Angel Neklace

Test the drop in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlarxNF0Uvs&t=4s

PD: sorry for google translator

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