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Plus or Minus 10 Character Levels Killing All Item and Adena Drops


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When two characters are in a party together and are 10 or more levels apart; above or below, all adena and loot drops cease regardless of either characters level compared to the monster that is being killed.

Here's an example of a test I just did:

Merchandise starts as a level 2 character and is in the party with DamagedEpics, who is level 12. In the videos below you will see one video, where merchandise is in the party and following DamagedEpics as she kills monsters, if you pay attention to the drop logs, no adena or items drop, ONLY event items DO drop. I tested this on over 100 kills,

With Merchandise in party close range to DamagedEpics
With Merchandise located in Giran while still in party with Damaged Epics

Adena Drops 0/100
Item drops 0/100
Event Item drops 10/100

Its obvious that while event items still drop, all adena and normal item drops are killed when any player is 10 levels higher or lower in the same party. REGARDLESS OF LOCATION.  It did not matter if one was in town, on the ground dead, or right next to the other party member, as long as the level difference was 10+ then nothing at all dropped besides event items.

I was unable to upload the videos here on this post, here are two Youtube links to the videos showing a portion of the tests.



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