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  1. Other players opinion back then when auto-farm wasn't installed yet: [moderated for name shaming] . In this picture you can see the discussion char from a boot inside the game, who was PK-ed by a normal player. NC - soft history It said has opened 60 boxes and made 4 to 5 k (5000) $$$ per Month from selling adena. Cool So, 100% playable [moderated content]
  2. Recipe SSD - from Ol Mahum Support Troop in Partisan Hideaway Recipe BSSD from Turek Orc Supplier on Orc Baraks. Works fine with the rates specified on PMfun: https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/recipe/l2
  3. Not good ... huge lacks of info. Crap site on the most parts
  4. I was able to spoil a SSD Recipe at Ol Mahum Reserve in Partisans Hideaway. Be aware that in L2 Classic , that crap mob is named now as: Ol Mahum Support Troop !!! Have fun ! Chance 1/66 acording to PMfun: lineage.pmfun.com , the oldest database ever. There are huuuuuuge lacks of information over the internet ! We're on a high tech civilization for nothing, that's the true
  5. The enchant of forbidden fate can be taken only trough special package, or they can be taken separately ?
  6. They deleted the reasons for the refund back then, at the start of L2 Classic Servers: Here they are: The main reason for the refund is THE EPIC FAIL of the GRAND OPENING OF L2 CLASSIC OFFICIAL OF NC SOFT, which consist of multiple specific REASONS: 1. The imprecise server release time which has been delayed almost a day, all the way to the 4.10.2018 ! 2. THE 16-20 hours LOG-IN PROBLEM IN WHICH ALL MY CLAN MATES EXPERIENCED, since allot of them couldn't pay for vip accounts !!! 3. There were no warnings that the rates of Adena/Spoil/Drop were much, much lower than the othe
  7. Don't worry dudes: the site http://l2.laby.fr/status/ doesn't work anymore, and you can't anymore see the traffic of people logged on the L2 Official Classic servers They "took care of this issue" also No refund seen, of course! Don't even dream about it ! ; like a BOSS bro P.S. From now on i will play just for "fun" or "crap fun", because you should't expect anything from NC-soft, they do what they want ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF HELL, to make more "DEVIL'S EYES" (money) !
  8. NCsoft version of ONE MAN ARMY :))))
  9. Really ?!! Damn, that's the biggest crap i ever seen from NC-soft OoO , i'm a spoiler !!! Dude, seriously ???!!! I think, best for scavys was the H5 chronicle. After that, was all a pretty big crap, i think :((
  10. Juji Producer L2 Team 388 458 posts Report post Posted May 23 After a lengthy discussion with the Dev team, the Blessed Soulshot items will remain as a Drop/Spoil item for the Classic Server. It is now a global change for Classic only and the items will not be sold in the L2 Store (can only be crafted). You can find the Blessed Soulshot Recipes from the following monsters: Item
  11. Today i will also request a refund for a certain number of accounts I'm really sad that i go, but i have more than half of friends which they can't purchase to win the log-in 16-19 hours of waiting, and i will request all of the REFUNDS back, meaning 70 $ on 3 accounts, and also my donators friends will do the same. We're leaving L2 Classic Official NC Soft as fast as we can !!! They're private servers far more balanced and far more stable gameplay and all stuff than this !!!
  12. Only one solution remained. REFUND !!!
  13. Ok, to be frankly i'm totally disappointed of Lineage 2 from NC Soft, my clan mates are all leaving cause of this absurd queue and this stupid 6000 players cap, see info here: http://l2.laby.fr/status/ Since i'm a donator who invested a vip 4 on Classic L2 Giran, i will request a refund situation because, we're all leaving to another server, better than this one.
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