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Returning to L2, LF English Speaking clan


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Hello! I played Lineage way back when it started, right about when World of Warcraft started actually, and have always enjoyed it. I always find myself coming back to it. I mained an SK back in the day, and also enjoyed playing healing/buffing classes. I had experience being in a rather high ranking clan/alliance and participated in numerous pvp skirmishes and battles as well as PVE content. I have recently made another return to Lineage and have been playing an SK again, and find that it is still very enjoyable and look forward to playing the class again.

Anyway, the game has become super confusing for me with little to no walkthroughs that I can find. I have found a couple of super friendly and helpful players who helped give me some advice, but I would love to find a clan that would be willing to take in a noobie tank and show me the ropes again, as it looks like there is a lot to learn.

Thanks in advance!

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