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  1. Located Houston Texas no vpn about every 30 min all my clients d/c Pve. Through the map. Fog, toi, goe, gob
  2. I know there’s 2-3 in the server. but we need these for everyone. archers are the i my class not able to fully utilize S weapons
  3. a few months ago, i was crafting a lot of B grade and selling it.
  4. I heard they are the russians that sell the adena too websites.
  5. Happens to me also and its very frustration i run 5 clients, 4 active 1 shop, my shop usually disconnects, and my 2nd 2 clients will disconnect after. my first 2 never disconnect (knock on wood) - if one client crashes i can't continue my macro. been trying to figure it out, keep thinking somethings wrong with my internet. and going to connect directly to my modem vs wireless usb. maybe that will help my "connection problem" i sent a ticket in and they said they can't help me because I'm running more then 1 client. if i run 1 client and it disconnects then contact them. - i d
  6. any xp bonus since new chars are being introduced? @Juji
  7. go to the vip store, it should be the Newbie Pack or something like that.
  8. how about some pve videos then . lol
  9. Anyone have any pvp videos to share from the classic servers?
  10. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6271-na-talking-island-tenacious-hardcore-at-heart-casual-by-nature-recruitment-now-open/
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