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I played warlock for many years until about c6ish. im returning now after a long break and going to start in the classic server. has anything changed with pets such as which one to lvl with or grind with? I could have swore before that kai took too much of your xp so it was only for pvp. any info on summoner changes is appreciated. 

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Hello illender and welcome back!

Quite a few things have changed for the summoner classes in classic. I will try to name a few, maybe the most important ones.

  • Your pets do not take away xp now. At all!
  • As a warlock/es you will have a pet that can recharge you.
  • You have a nuke which actually levels all the way to 80
  • Your pets gain your exact buffs. If you are fulled buffed and summon a pet, it will instantly have all buffs as well.
  • You can resummon a pet as many times as you like (it costs spirit ores) and it comes back with full hp-mp and your buffs. You can even summon while in combat.

I think these are the most basic changes that summoners have faces between c6 and classic. Have fun :)

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