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newbie problem


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Ok so I discovered my beloved game to be in classic and f2p just yesterday. Amazing how Giran looks. I want to give it a go. One last nostalgic ride.


I did lvl20 in a flash, did some quest that gave me braclet for talisman(?) but my main problem is with weapon. I have no chance to grind adena for D grade from shop, all my little adena goes for blessed spiritshots for my lowest no grage weapon.

Is there a way to get D grade weapon form quest? 

Or should I buy something from L2Store?

Really don't know how to move from the point I am right now. Anyone?

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Did you get your newbie pack weapon? It's a strong NG dual sword and restricted 1 per account that last 30-days and it can give a new account a means to save up adena. Purchase it free from the L2 store.

Other ways to make some quick adea is to use your clan coins you get when you hit lv20. Trade it for some mats at the high priest and sell it.

It's going to be hard to find a party now but nothing is stopping you from playing multiple accounts.


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