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Is there a problem with spiritshot?

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Is there a problem with spiritshot?
I was upping my characters when I started taking little HP from the monsters. Then I died. After that I realized that the spiritshot was not working. I tested other characters, get out and back in and the problem persisted. A few minutes later it returned to normal operation, but after a while, it stopped working and then returned.

I saw other players report the problem in chat world.

Really exists or was this problem? What security we have to play, since if the problem occurs, we can die and lose XP.

What will you do with those who have lost XP due to the problem (if it really is a server problem)? Because 4% is very difficult to achieve depending on the level.

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9 minutes ago, Yummydain said:

That is due to the server lagging. It has happened since the dawn of auto SS.

All other functions were working perfectly, only the SS was not working. Neither using SS manually was working.

It was working to walk and attack normally, without lag, but the SS did not work. Tried to turn on, off and nothing.

This lasted about 10 minutes, then came back. So after a while the problem was repeated, so I stopped playing, I was afraid to die again.


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