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International ~ Parabellum CP recruit BD


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We are an international group of people, already part of a clan.
This is the CP formation

Parabellum CP
Ghost Sentinel
Shillien Elder
Eva's Templar
Bladedancer -- MISSING 
Silver Ranger(Backup) 

Just Missing Bladedancer
Recruiting 69+

What we need of you:

-A discord account
-The mood to play
-A couple of daily hours
[preferably in european prime (gmt+3 - 21:00)]

What we can provide you with:

-Daily parties, if you're online, you have a party.
-Good company, our cp is ready to welcome any member no matter country of origin or age.
-Daily activities such as raids etc.

Contact me in-game with a mail or a pm to anm0.
(or discord add anmo#9726)

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