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Gludio needs the merge as soon as possible


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Hello you all. I have been playing this server since we started. I had a lot of fun when we started, it was a classic.

Right now we have a server different, is not classic any more. How ever, many ppl invested a lot of time in this game, as well some real money buying L2 store stuff. I think is not fair we loose all this time-money invested, its our fun, all the ppl play because we need a relax time, what is the problem ? we have no people in the server right now. all the ppl quit because it is not a classic any more.

I cant tell you "please lets make it classic again" because the time is moving on and we have to move on with the time but I CAN TELL YOU GMs, WE NEED A MERGE. gludio is a DEAD SERVER.

Gludio doesn't have more than 20 persons, its a emergency. A few minutes ago you did the server down because an emergency, is the same. the people of gludio have an emergency, the game die because we have NO PEOPLE.

PLEASE, do the merge as son as possible. if in the first days of September you don't do the merge, ill just quit like all of the guys.

thank you for your time.

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Hello all right, we have the same problem here on Aden's server, there are almost no more players and those who have are very unmotivated, a migration to another server would be the salvation of many players who do not want to stop playing has no time to To start all over again on another server, we ask NCSoft NA management to look this over at the players.

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I know its just a bussines for Ncsoft, everything in wolrd is a bussines. but if they still want to make some money, they should think about this merge soon. we are no many ppl in the servers. may be if we have all of us in one classic server or just 2 is gonna be confortable.

right now we have ppl quiting every day cause we have NOTHING.

so again, please ncsoft merge as soon as possible.

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Merge is temporal solution. this game migt save only setting adena drop and spoil to normal for let casuals use shots and gear them self. current rates in 40+ areas even after last 20% boost still half from normal and not enough even for cover consumables. so all fresh blood flow out when realise this game unplayable without investing real money or keeping at least 2 extra accounts for 24/7 market farm. without fresh blood merged servers will keep die.

Last event with cheap weapons destroyed profit for 45-55lvl(top C weapons keys turned into cheap junk), last update killed profit from alt crafters used for ss. "skills balance" killed daggers, new kamael race is cheat with unbalanced cheap SP cost of skills in front of old races. Regular P2W events wich comes one by one keep killing community

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