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  1. When Blessed spirit shots will be fixed? Description says it's boost m.atk by 300% but damge increased by around 100%. Why bsps effect wasn't changed to description says at same time with ss fix?
  2. Even if do not count mass recharge extra m.atk from emp is better then mp saving from clarity. Example: 1. with empower (no clarity) nuker killing mob with 2-3 nukes 2. with clarity (no empower) nuker killing same mob with 4-5 nukes which way nuker will use more mp per mob?
  3. For nuker SE much better then EE cuz can provide empower and almost unlimited mp. SE have mass recharge for extra recharge all party members+self.
  4. Well after downtime will see how it's will work. Anyway after february update not only distribution was broken but amount of coins was decreased. As example befor update every member at full party was getting 150-180 coins/24h, after update only DD characters was getting 70-80 coins/24h at same spot with same setup. Total score was dropped from 165*9 to 75*2. So total income of l2coins was decreased in about 9 times. And no single word about any compensation for support classes after 2 months staing out of board l2coins distribution...
  5. Any news about l2coins distribution for party members? Or support classes still stay out of board?
  6. Finaly! After 1 month and 12 days after first report about unfair l2coins distribution in grp its added to known issues and we get respond about ticket sent to dev team. What about amount of l2coins dropped? Currently on DD characters it's just half from numbers farmed befor wild horizons update. At least at elemental hunting zones. Befor update every character got 140-160coins/24hours and now at same party only DD get 50-70coins/24hours. At Wild Horizons patch notes wasn't any info about l2coins drop rate/destribution changes.
  7. What about l2coin distribution in party? All party members should get them. Now Support classes stay behind the board of clan shop cuz can't get any l2coins self. Event and l2store only ways for them and this is unfair.
  8. Is it realy called fix? Befor update at elemental zone l2coins drop was 130-170/24h for every member of full party. It's average 6 coins/hour per character. After fix today got total 9(6+3) l2coins on 2 nukers during 2 hours hunt. Other party members got 0. No comments cuz everithing i can say will cause bann for bad language....
  9. For all skills requared consumable items removed information about items usage from skills description at Skills Learning interface. Checked for Cardinal/Shilien Saint/Shilien Templar/Doomcryer/Elemental Master
  10. What about posibility of autouse for dwarven craft skill
  11. What is a lvl of other toon you can't use baium tali? Baium talisman can't be used by toon below lvl60.
  12. Biggest problem is publisher do not care much about community. Only thing they cares is sales during p2w events and income. Only way to force them listen community needs is boycott l2store and don't buy any stuff. But this is never happen.
  13. What about a Night Market coins thats wasn't used? Description says about deletion of coins in 26 days and Night Market option removed from Dimensional Merchant.
  14. After reaching 80lvl game became pain. Imbalanced adena drop and power of mobs killing game progress at all for everyone who don't invest thousands of usd/euro in game.
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