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    this is patch notes
  2. Just 1 macro at same time. can do redance/resong manualy at any time. looping macroses and autoplay designed for make hunting easyer and not fully automated grind.
  3. XP/SP SCROOL at LVL 40/41

    24 and 42lvl Why didn't split mission rewards for those lvls to let characters who reached 42 befor update claim Potions?
  4. "This is F2P version and drop/spoil rates/amount is right for this way of distribution..." No one from publishers cares that crafting/NPC store prices was designed for normal drops like on Skelth but not for 1/3 rates wich we have there. Havn't enough adena/drops from mobs for pay shots - buy them from l2store, prices was reduced... Can't farm adena for new gear cuz low rates - no prob, buy adena from sellers who spammed 24/7 theyr offers... Main feature of F2P is cripled market wich can't exist without bots and farmers/adena sellers.
  5. With current rates you can farm with VISA/MasterCard
  6. google illegal server with chronicles you wanna play and enjoy it. most think that interlude was a golden time of l2 but if you will play it 1-2-3-4 years without changes it's make you bored and you will wanna get update. Lineage 2 classic isn't an old chronicles and Devs sayd about classic version will go own way. so stop crying about old times and how it's been at past time. enjoy the game and accept it as is or leave.
  7. Classic was created as Event at Korea and turned in separated version of L2 later. At event period it's was close to old version but when project turned into full game version evolution begun. So now we have what we have and don't forget about this is Korean project and why do you think developers will change something if Korean community accept the changes? Localised versions have just minor differences from original and based on distribution model/store. We have what we have. So you can to accept new way of evolution and keep playing or just leave and go to any low rate illegal server with old chronicles.
  8. Change targeting settings in options - choose Monster
  9. Petition to remove client limit

    +1 for no limits. who need avoid 3 window limit was able do it befor with Virtual PC easy.
  10. make transfer window

    Yes make a transfer window with charge, then in 3-6 months when most of ppls move via payment from dead servers to more populated merge them into 2 servers.
  11. Keep 0% on PvP death

    Another 78+ bot or nolifer get bored? Bot another char or focus on real life instead of game.
  12. Forum login issue

    Check box "remember me" at forum login screen don't work. Forced to re sign few times at day even if IP didn't changed.