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  1. Solution about Bots

    I read this since 2005 and nothing changed. this situation remind me : handgehogs cried and prick but continued to bite cactus.
  2. I'm afraid it's not a bug. Got it once on live server long time ago
  3. Fix adena!!!

    Read whole post and think again.
  4. Fix adena!!!

    Are you seriously? The only reason why posible make some money on market is huge amount of adena farmed by bots with no shots and then sold via adena sale services. Who will can afford buy any items if every one will play like this? Every one will farm some parts and mats self for craft some items, then they will need sell them to anoter person who at his turn waiting till another player sell his items to another player who else waing till sell his stuff and etc till infinity. Take off your pink glasses and look at face to reality. I'm sure over 80% or even more of adena on market farmed by bots. I personaly know more then 20 persons who bought adena for buying theyr gear and every one of them talking about this like about normal thing. Is it normal? So with current rates if came day when all bots will be banned/blocked/etc ingame market start die becouse amount of adena used for farm (shots/NPC shop items(dyes/gear/runes conversation into superior runes)/teleports/etc) will be less then farmed from mobs and total amount of adena on server will decreasing. Remove bots and RMTr's and ingame market die. Is any market can exist without money? P.S. I havn't problems with adena but only becouse i play 3 hours/day and another time keep 3 toons 21/7 on market with buy/sell shops. But it's only thanks to players who buying adena. Is it a normal? I'm sure - no.
  5. Company cares only about numbers in quater income reports so stuff like this will be added more and more and only voting by $ might change something. If community will ignor events like this then mb they stop add p2w stuff but it's utopia and never happen.
  6. Bots at necropolis

    Support didn't apply bann immediatly. it's takes time for check every character. Just be patient. It's very hard to catch bots with logout when other player coming in range especial in dangeons were bots can detect befor you come into theyr room, but there still 15sec delay in combat mode. Make few records how they log out if posible add to ticked and wait. multiple tickets for same characters boting will slowing process.
  7. Lots of players leaving

    If those wales stimulating bots invasion then sure they are must be banned Until Adena sellers will have customers they are will be in busines. Massive bannhammer of players who buy Adena from illegal services will make game healthy. Players who wanna get easy Adena should think twice about wich way to do it. Buy for $ from illegal service for low price and get banned and lost all or buy NCoin cards and trade them to other players for Adena with highter price but being safe.
  8. Bots at necropolis

    Forum is wrong place for report bots, open ticket.
  9. Lots of players leaving

    For clean up server from bots first should focus on bann every one who bought and buying Adena. I'm sure NC bann bots by hundreds or even thousands every week but it's not a problem for Adena farmers cuz creat new accounts is free and probably most hardcore farmers organised automated creation of new accounts. This is explain why low lvl areas full of bots, only few evade bannhammer till hight lvl. And this process will never ends until players keep buying Adena from farmers.
  10. Selling Adena = drawing Adena wich not supported with items and resulting in crazy inflation cuz increased total amount of Adena on server. What happened with real economy when statement start printing more money wich not supported with gold reserve/goods/etc? Economy start sufering from inflation and citizens of this country start get salary counted in millions and became "millionaries" or even "billionaries" but in fact those 2-3kk salary might be equal 100$. So yes "Selling Adena in L2Store" is very bad idea. When trading Adena for L2Store items or NCoins you get Adena wich already exist on server and farmed by other players who farm it from mobs with materials/items and this way didn't harm ingame economy. Now players might shout about trade adena in worl chat for NCoin cards and no one bann them. In fact it's not RMT cuz Adena traded for NCoin code and not for Real Money but this way is hight risky to get scammed. So why not make it safe?
  11. Selling adena in L2Store is very bad idea cuz it's equal to dupe and kill economy with wild inflation very fast. From this point even bots not so harmful for ingame economy cuz with adena they farm materials/items. Total legalisation of RMT is very bad idea cuz will benefit black market and stimulate farmers. RMT via L2Store or tradable NCoin will benefit NCSost with NCoin sales and let normal players get what they want adena/VIP/L2Store items. Players who buying adena will do it anyway, but now when they do it they benefit illegal users.
  12. Well it's don't change situation with players who use bots for lvl/grind on main toons but NC bann them too - I know at least 3 incidents when banned 40-63lvl characters used as mains for using illegal soft. Adena farmers intresting to sell adena for $ and adding legal way to buy adena will be harmful for theyr income. Yes it's will turn adena price at black market down but who sayd it's will be enough? There must be a complexed solution. RMT via NCoin/L2Store just one step. NCS Team might make control purchases from adena sale services and block all accounts involved in adena transactions chain. Players who buying adena on black market must be banned as well as bots. Players must be afraid of buy adena from any adena service. Best way to fight illegal market is to deprive it of customers. But should use not just a knout(bannhammer) but a cookie(alternative legal way) too.
  13. WC BUILD

    robe set with magic 1-handed blunt + shield or heavy set with melee 1-handed blunt + shield depending on game style. For solo 2nd type will be better cuz need less mana using in melee style.
  14. profit exp - solo tyrant + wc

    Keep moving by the way how you get adena for your current gear and amulets. Without heal cruma might be hard, can farm popular spellbooks for easy and safe profitable hunting.
  15. Party LVL difference for exp

    Boost lvl on SE with FoM daily till 9lvl diff for more effective exp distribution and continue duo