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  1. Body to mind Necro

    Becouse lower lvl of BtM allow keep HP lower for highter dmg from CDL. With highter lvl of BtM you need w8 till HP regenerated to highter amount befor can drop it down.
  2. Rune Update

    Olympiad manager's shop. Every RB 25+ have sealed runes in theyr drop lists so don't worry in 1-2 months after update every one who can't get them self from raids will be able buy on market from other players. For sure first runes on marked will be hightly overpriced so just don't rush and waite a bit till price goes down.
  3. SwS isn't just for hunter song, go read more info about songs.
  4. Some players will keep complain even when everithing is ok.
  5. Boss Drop Rates admins?

    Any drop rates is a closed information at NCWest products
  6. Set +6 how much parts from the set?

    For get a bonus from +6 Mithril set you need enchant 3 items to +6 helmet+bp+gaiters.
  7. Rate Class

    I think you should start thinking self and choose what ever you want. You asked for options and got them so now choose any you like more and just start to play.
  8. Catas

    Low lvl catacombs and necropolises are sealed. Only 65+ avaliable at the moment.
  9. What you wanna change in l2.ini and can't modify from ingame options?
  10. Class Questions...

    WL popular but not all of them know how to play, during AI dailyes I played in grps with a few warlords and most of them been criple handed. Just spammed skills even when don't need. Also in future there might be update wich nerf aoe by anchoring mobs close to spawn and this class became useless. Destro havn't so good control abilityes but it's good it's more universal a powerful meele class in PvE.
  11. Rate Class

    weird cuz if look in paladin skills it's should be useful for aoe mage grp.
  12. Best box/Adena/Fishing

    Depending on how many adena you can invest in books or how patient for grind them self. Best is PP+vamp from fishing, cheapest haste+dw at WC.
  13. Guidance needed

    Never saw any mage in BW robe. Most popular on B grade for mages is Avadon set becouse of +15% cast speed. BW gives wit wich boost cast speed too but at same time reduse int and nerfing m.atk, so it's primary a healers set with maximum bonus to % of ressurection. Alternative but less popular mage sets is Doom with +2int and zubey with +10% m.atk.
  14. You are free for travel across the aden world on your foots.
  15. WL + 1 and 2 boxes

    For killing by skills spam don't need focus/dw/guidance Bless the body for WL isn't actual cuz they have self buff with same effect+HP restoration and sws have aditional song for max HP bonus. For compensate haste enough use haste potions from grocery shop. With SwS+EE WL will pull faster and kill safer cuz HP/P.Def/M.Def will be highter on 30-35% It's will be less damage cuz less P.atk and will need use 1-2 skills more, but with clarity you will use less MP so can afford do it.