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  1. Tested Ketra after last update applyed. PT tank with doom set +6, Storm Screamer and ES with +16/+14 top a weapons, bd wc sws bp se spoiler. Animals dealing up to 100dmg/hit to tank, orcs 500-1,5k. Every evening 2-4hours, in total got 1 cloth piece and 1 key for sobekk's. 0 recipes for weapons spoiled. Was focused mostly on grp mobs Commanders and Head shamans. Didn't met any other character during test time. Location still dead... With current mobs strenght and drop/spoil rates don't worth spend time with manual control. Autohunt impossible at least without p2w buff stuff from l2store.
  2. There is nothing interesting that worth to farm. Rewards don't match to difficulty and consumables costs.
  3. Can't login at lineage2.com

    I had same problem with one of my accounts. After contacting support problem was solved. Below respond from support team: Hello,Reviewing your login attempt, it appears that it was flagged for security reasons that prevented you from logging in. This could have been a result of high risk characteristics of your attempt or due to past associations with compromised accounts or devices.At this time, we’ve taken steps that should allow you to log in.
  4. By the way what about power-lvling? This is quote from EULA https://us.ncsoft.com/en-us/legal/lineage-2/lineage-2-user-agreement.php
  5. Aden mini game

    Seems like they are increased basic prices for hight-grade scrolls and this is explayn why good rewards opened less.
  6. Aden mini game

    It's random but seems like first week chances to get good rewards was much better becouse last week mostly crapp.
  7. Hunting zones

    Did you tryed Giants Cave or Ketra/Varka?
  8. Spellhowler TIPS

    At this version you can add +5 stats points with dyes. So on my opinion dyes for pve: +4wit/-men +4int/-men +4con/-str +6 karmian or avadon set. And boost int with items as much as you can (hat, bracelets etc)
  9. Agation SoulStone

    Why do not check forum befor make new topic? https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17969-agathion-soulstone/
  10. High Grade Weapon Varnish.

    For Upgrade weapon should be enchated +12 or more.
  11. Account creation failed

    If have issues with account creation be sure that your location not at list of blocked countries. If your region not at block list then better contact support for assistance. We appreciate your interest in Lineage II. Unfortunately, the North American version of Lineage II is not available in the countries listed below. You will not be able to login or create an account if you reside in one of the following countries: Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus China Cuba Georgia Iran Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Moldova North Korea Russia Sudan Syria Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine Uzbekistan
  12. Spellhowler / Support

    If gonna play SH with friend in pt offer him play elemental summoner. He's will not feel boring as support and will can buff grp with serafim unicorn. First buffer SE, second BD. with mass recharge SE can easy maintain mp for SH+ES.
  13. Where are the helmets?

    After removing grade penalty there wasn't a reason for using D grade armor, except new ppls but they get theyr basic D grade set at 20lvl from guide quest. Prices for top B heavy sets low enough for avoid spending money for zubey/avadon.
  14. Casual player need just 1-2 lucky rewards from current event for gear up his character with A grade set+weapon
  15. cardinal ressurrection

    No. Max % of ressurection limited by bonus +20% to skill effect. So 90% is a cap (70% fro skill + 20% from wit modifier). There just one skill from cardinal that can give you 100% ressurect - salvation.