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  1. Clan Arena / Instanced Raids

    Your clan leader should be leader of command channel for entry.
  2. @JujiIs any changes for real quality of life improvements planned? Something like adena drop which allow cover consumables(shots/spirit ores) costs, make more areas posible for autohunting with regular gear without using bot and investing billions into gear/buff items. Give regular players posibility farm own A grade gear with characters geared at B grade. What about make this game playable at 76+ without insane investments?
  3. Shinning life stone

    It's cost 200 S gems to augment any grade weapon. D or S don't matter. normal LS D gems mid LS C gems hight LS B gems top LS A gems shinning LS S gems
  4. Spike buff behavior change?

    Spike wasn't worked for 2h blunts befor Kamaels update.

    LoL man description is clear. "Obtain one of the A-grade armor" . There no single word about set.
  6. VIP

    Spend money for l2store stuff and will get vip lvl depending on amount of money spent.
  7. Box's are trash

    Guys no one sayd you guaranted get valuable things if spend 100..200..500..1000..10000$ on loot boxes. would be good if total chance to get something good about 1% in summ. mb even 0,1%. And no one force you to buy them. It,s kinda lottery when thouthands playing and only few win.
  8. Increase limit of Soulshot Tickets and Spirit Ores that can be bought at Adena section of L2coin shop. 1000 tickets by 11000 adena/each and 10000 spirit ores by 400adena/each would be great for 76+ characters.
  9. Isn't removing whole drops and increasing exp from mobs would be better solution for this location?
  10. Weap A and epic jewels going up price

    Don't worry prices will be based on market. Items will be not cost more then most of ppls who need them can allow pay. It's market.
  11. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    And what is there wrong? Dropped NM shield it's A grade. D, C and B stuff on drop is varnish for gear upgrade, it's materials, not an items. For start crying about low drops kill at least 10 times each Epic. Seems like problem not at drop lists but in rates. Highter grade lower chances.
  12. I think NC west don't gonna make own date base, so just other regional date bases left to get drop/spoil info. After closing EU classic need use translate services for RU or KR sources.
  13. Tested Ketra after last update applyed. PT tank with doom set +6, Storm Screamer and ES with +16/+14 top a weapons, bd wc sws bp se spoiler. Animals dealing up to 100dmg/hit to tank, orcs 500-1,5k. Every evening 2-4hours, in total got 1 cloth piece and 1 key for sobekk's. 0 recipes for weapons spoiled. Was focused mostly on grp mobs Commanders and Head shamans. Didn't met any other character during test time. Location still dead... With current mobs strenght and drop/spoil rates don't worth spend time with manual control. Autohunt impossible at least without p2w buff stuff from l2store.
  14. There is nothing interesting that worth to farm. Rewards don't match to difficulty and consumables costs.
  15. Can't login at lineage2.com

    I had same problem with one of my accounts. After contacting support problem was solved. Below respond from support team: Hello,Reviewing your login attempt, it appears that it was flagged for security reasons that prevented you from logging in. This could have been a result of high risk characteristics of your attempt or due to past associations with compromised accounts or devices.At this time, we’ve taken steps that should allow you to log in.