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Launcher Scan File/Update keeps failing.


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Did another Scan File after launcher showed it fixed 76 mb of files, launched the game and same issue. Went into the game system textures folder & saw that the FElf.utx file was 0kb            Deleted it and did not run Scan File, just launched the game and was able to hop into the game.


How I fixed it.    remove the broken .utx file and don't run the scan, then just use launcher.


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2022 Same error 

i'm having same error. 

Launcher continually says "Failed to download file...." 

The files are generally  F(race name).utx 

i have asked a mate to send me copy of the files, but after 6 or so, individual .utx files being sent and downloaded, the issue still hasn't resolved. 

Most recent error was for a file... 


I have deleted and reinstalled Launcher. Did not work. 


I have deleted all systexture files with size of 0kbs. Did not work. 


I have contacted support, but no solution yet. 

If anyone knows a workaround for this issue, Please let me know. 

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